1225 Cardero St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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BED BUGS ARE BACK AT REGENCY PARK 1225 Cardero Street, Vancouver, BC.
Two of my neighbors had to throw away their furnitures and cover their entire place in plastic wraps before someone came in and sprayer their suites. They have to live in these conditions for two weeks and because the building management is refusing to pay for the right treatment, they are going with the cheap bed bugs problem resolution, the bed bugs will not be eradicated and will be back in the suites in no time. It is ti

me for me to move out, april 1st, and i do not recommend this building to anybody. Regency Park just is not what it used to be anymore since the new 'Care takers' started to work at 1225 cardero street. They are not cleaning up the building properly and they let just anybody rent a place in our building, which is the reason why it is infested with bed bugs.... Good luck to anyone staying at Regency Park, i am out.

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There are no bedbugs in my suite., 1105. I wish the person who has nothing better to do than slander and shoot off at the lip would grow a set of balls and come to my door instead of lurking and writing a bunch of b.s. The managers are doing a great job. You can catch bed bugs from riding transit. Some of the finest hotels in Vancouver have them.It is an international epidemic. You folks need to find some time to write positive comments rather than garbage.
Have a nice day!

I still hear tenants in the building talking about bed bug issues they're having or know is being battled on their floor. the 11th floor seems to be one to avoid. the building managers are good but latley seem vacant, they will walk around bug related questions. I personally have not yet had to deal with this, but I wouldn't reccomend this building.

The owners don't seem to care about the tenants,you're just another number and dollar to them. There's no incentive for people to stay in the bu

ilding so there is a VERY high turnover wich in turn can cause the bed bug issue to get worse.

I am a current resident however will remain anonymous because the landlord (Maple Leaf) doesn't take constructive critisism well.

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We normally refrain from writing on this website due to the lack of screening and confirmation by anyone that anything on here is fact. The site seems to mostly be used by disgruntled tenants as backlash against the Landlord. We are happy to inform anyone reading this site that any recent bed bug problems are under control. We are currently not aware of any infected suites. We are very proactive when it comes to any pest issue in the building and we take all the necessary steps to tackle the

problem by working with our pest control company. The previous poster signed our standard application which states they have 5 days after signing to cancel. This person did not cancel within this window of time. Their request to cancel due to bugs was unsubstantiated since there has not been any issue with bugs in their suite or the suites around them. We attempted to rent the suite for the 1st and were unsuccessful. Therefore, the deposit was forfeited. The landlord is now out of pocket 1/2 a month's rent, but somehow they are the bad guy??? This would have been handled the same way by most landlords and is well within the rules of the Residential Tenancy Branch. Finally, we'd like to remind anyone reading this board to always take it with a grain of salt as most of the people posting are just looking to get back at the landlord. You are always welcome to contact the Caretakers and learn first hand what is happening in the building - good and bad.

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My girlfriend gave a damage deposit to this company on Oct 15, after googling the address we found this website and asked for our deposit back on Oct 25. We had not signed any contract and they did not disclose to us that there was a bedbug issue. The management company Maple Leaf Property Management is refusing to return our money. The matter is going to arbitration with BC Tenancy. I would not even consider doing business with this company in the future.

I lived here and there was an infestation on my floor and the floor below me. I had them in my unit #904, the case was mild because I caught it early but I had to throw out a tonne of my stuff to be sure I didn't bring them with me when I left. I also lived a bit out of garbage bags to keep my clothes safe. Management in the building is awesome I really like them, unfortunately the battle they are fighting is a big one. I rode the elevator down with a man with a bed frame in July and there we

re live bugs on it and he was smashing them with his hands... I was in awe at his stupidity. I later found dead bugs in the elevator and also in the lobby. This building has a problem and I would steer clear of it. I am not making this up, my name is Bryan Stuart, I lived in 904, and I just moved out a month ago bug free but not stress free. This stuff kept me awake at night flicking my lights on at every little itch or tickle...... Anyways, definitely a problem here, I would steer clear in the future, though it is a problem everywhere!

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i live in this building, not one problem so far except the person in 1105 being in bedbugs and not letting the management do there job

one elevater is being fixed and i really dont mind waiting the extra 2 minutes..

most people who complain on this website are just people who would complain about anything

this building as been a good living experiance
and i enjoy living here :)

p.s i've had no problem with hot water either hah


I have never had an issue since I lived here, you people got to get a life and stop pointing the finger.

Still massive bed bug problem in this building... They are increasing rents, elevators do NOT work, issues with water pressure and hot water not working. PLEASE BE WARMED DO NOT MOVE HERE

This is a useless website. How credible can this site be if no one has to register? How do you know whether the people posting are managers in the building next store who have a lot of vacancy? Now we have NON-RESIDENTS promoting stupid US legal websites (see last post) to try and drum up business. I've been a tenant here since 2007. Never had bed bug problems. The couple times it happened to my friends in the building, building management responded very quickly and had the apartment treated

within a few days. Don't waste you time reading this silly message board. Come down to the building, meet the staff and talk to some tenants. Most will tell you this is a great place to live. That's how I feel.

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1105 has bedbugs.

What can I do I live on the 11th floor
I'm freaking out :(

I think all the buildings in the west end have this threat, and you just have to be careful and hope for the best, maybes its the risk you take living in the west end?

so you just moved in, do you have bed bugs already? im getting really nervious on this fact.. you moved in anyways, do you regret it? im scared :( and with a lease its even more scary!


I just moved into this lovely building and even spent some coin fixing up my suite. I have been loving my new home and now... It was my responsibility to check the registry but frankly, it did not occur to me. I wish I had.

I think management is in a difficult position - this is a Herculean task BUT information and communication is KEY. Constant and preemptive steps are a must and perhaps this has been the issue with this building. Notices posted publicly and educating new tenan

ts would be ideal. Some people have no idea what a bed bug is or that bites are an indication. Discussion amongst neighbours is also important because for crying out loud, we're in this together.

I'm not sure I'll be able to get/stay comfortable as it sounds like there is a constant threat, despite fumigation - especially in the West End. :( Heck, are we safe anywhere?

Management has been sympathetic and active in setting up appointments with Pest Control. At the end of the day, taking the initiative to educate yourself is the only way of getting thoroughly informed.

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What does someones pay have to do with the bed bug issues, keep to the facts retard- last time I checked into working in this industry its 40k a year per person and then some,thats pretty damm good, but still underpaid for what management has to deal with, all these winning babies on how on happy they are, why wouldnt you just move dummy, I guess the grass isnt always greener on the other side.

Is there anymore problems with this apartment, beg bugs or anything more significant? Is there enough privacy?

Dont be fooled, the person below is management. This place is overrated, too expensive, and in constant denial. Its sad really that management needs to lie to save thier 40K a year salary and get fat on the food and the tv they watch.

I have been a long term tenant in this building for over 11 years and have gone through this bed bug problem 1 time as the tenant had the issue next to me. Management took care of the situation immediatly once they were notified so the person or persons writing that nothing is getting done is not the sharpest tool in the shed as they do not have any facts to there comments and if you are that unhappy staying in a building where nothing is getting done as you say- why wouldnt you just move. ohhh-

I forgot- every other building in the West End has the problem so thats why you are not moving. Like they say- the grass isnt always greener on the other side or else you would just leave if you were that unhappy but since you are not leaving it really cannot be that bad. Food for thought.

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In British Columbia, Vancouver's residential tenancy act states the landlord must provide a safe and healthy rental unit. While it doesn't specifically mention bedbugs, Vancouver's health by-law states that the landlord is responsible for treating bedbug infestations. Bedbugs are becoming a large problem in Vancouver. The Tenants Rights Action Coalition is a place tenants can go for further information.

Honestly, the managers are horrible and do not care. Why do they not just pay a company t

o fumigate the building and fix the issue? Because it costs money, thats why. Wished I never moved into this god forsaken place. Expensive, and has bedbugs which can be fixed but wont be cause the managers are too cheap.

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I agree that Anonymous needs to stop spamming the board. However the management does NOT deserve the praises sung by "John". Nowhere near.

There is NO publicly posted information about the infestation anywhere in the building. The tenants do not know which floors and areas are infested.

Did I mention the rent keeps going up while the problem still persists?

I have lived in the building for 3.5 years. I have to disagree with the comments of the previous poster who should stopping spamming this message board and let others voice their opinion. Management has done a great job handling the recent bed bug issue. In fact, they have been more diligent than any other building I have lived at in the past. I am told they have sprayed all the infected suites twice in the last week. They also brought in a special dog to check for spreading to other suites

and the common areas. They are certainly not kicking people out as long as tenants are cooperating with inpections and preparing their suite properly for spraying if needed. 10 days to spray may sound like a long time, however, it takes several days to prepare for the spraying and I'm told many pest control companies are currently backlogged for two months. I think this is a great place to live and we are lucky to have caretakers and a Landlord who are working hard to resolve the problem. I guarantee you Bed bugs will show up in any building or condo you go too, but there are no guarantees you'll have a property manager or landlord like ours that will work diligently to correct the problem.

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To the person who is complaining and lying that nothing is being done is the furthest thing from the truth. The Management is taking all precautions and doing all the proper sprayings that are needed to rectify this problem with the bed bugs. AS everyone knows all the West End has this problem and the person complaining does not have all there facts correct.Please remember that Management does not bring this in, the tenants do so it is fair to say that as long as the Management is doing there be

st to take care of this bed bug issue for the tenants there really is no need for no one to start lying and venting on this site, but I guess that is why the person writing these lies wont leave there name.???????

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20 litre container for $179.

Highest concentration of Silicon Diocide.


there is still active bedbugs problems in this building.

We - at Regency Park apartments are very proud to communicate that through diligent action by our Pest Control Company, along with cooperation of our tenants and staff, our building has not had an issue from this epedimic that is affecting all of the Lower Mainland, not to mention the whole world at large, since October 2010. Yes, with cooperating tenants working together, we can ensure that this issue does not erupt within our property. Sincerely, Management

Hi This is kim cote. former tennant . I would like to know if there is a class action case against the property managers and owners. So much inaction, no compensation ?????? They still do not inform tenants that there are bed bug problems. It ought to be against the law. The cost financially , emotionally, and physically is a life changer.


I moved out couple of months back. Couldn't deal with the fact that even though my apartment was sprayed four times, that there was always a high possibility that my neighbour will re-infect my apartment. It was a nice apartment with a great view but living day by day in bags and the constant thought of the bugs just couldn't justify it.

Yes that time of the year has come.

Found a 'empty' one. 1st this year since last year (only found 1 last year and got sprayed).

Maybe it was tracked in since I recently brought a suitcase up from the locker room. (the suitcase was used repeatedly this winter so it wasn't like it was 'saved' from last year)

9th floor.


I've had the sleepless nights with the lights on.

I'm disabled, living in Burnaby.

I've dealt with Bedbugs. It took me months to learn how to deal with them.

I strongly suggest you contact some of your local associations, such as the Greater Vancouver Apartment Owners Association, and get just as active as the bedbugs do. Your Association and all your members have a colossal problem on your hands and need to take action NOW.


G your tenants by hiding your heads in the sand... try Diatomaceous Earth, which works better. Excuses and inaction are exacerbating the problem. If you don't understand any of the words I'm using it's time to find a dictionary... and help your tenants.

HELP YOUR TENANTS...they pay your mortgage, remember? Your tenants are real people living in a city quickly becoming unaffordable for many to live in. They have a right to live in a clean, secure environment and not fear becoming blood donors to an infestation of bedbugs.

RIGHT NOW bedbugs aren't carrying disease but if they start to, we will have a health problem that will DWARF the bedbug problem...get onto this now folks, while we still have time on our side.

I'm going to monitor this website, and if I find any more ignorant postings from landlords those addresses will be the FIRST reported to the press.

I'm very fortunate that the people operating the building I'm in are freaked at the revelation our building has bedbugs and are determined to eradicate the problem.

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do you know guys where is should go to complaint.. suit the company. i had the same problem at haro st.

Wow! sounds like a "manager" replied to my post.
Get real! Tenants are only half of the problem.

God I feel sorry for you guys. Have you thought about a class action suit against the property management company?
If enough people rally together it is possible.
However, if you are looking to move, DO NOT consider 1255 Pendrell street--bed bug haven!

I used to live there and it was absolutely disgusting. Management companies should be held more liable for these problems. Properly screened tenants and bed bug education do go a long way. However, (and no discrimination meant here) if yo

u make a business renting to ESL students who are transient and who do not understand the seriousness of the bed bug situation, you are going to have a problem.

Management...Shame on YOU!

Tenants...get organized and fight back!

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Sept 24 - they are spraying on 16th floor this week....

It would seem to me that we should all start putting some of the little buggars in envelopes and mailing them to the building manager - Maple Leaf Management, #300 - Kapilano 100 Park Royal Centre, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2 or the building's owners 331750 BC Ltd at the same address.

30 July 2009
I am on the 15th floor. Found 1 under the bed and 1 in the bathroom.

I guess it was inevitable with the high tenants turnover and shared heating pipes. Dead bug was promptly brought to the attention of managers.


We live in a Senior's Complex, located at 140 Bridge Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, and, our 12th floor apartment, along with others apparently have been infected. My husband and I went online to Pest Control Canada, and, took some of their suggestions about using vinegar and bleach, and, this helped somewhat, but, still the Pest Control People are coming in. My son, Scott, lives at 1225 Cardero Street, and, he suggested taking spray foam and putting it in all the wall outlets. Like this idea, and

, will be mentioning this to the Orkin people when they get here tomorrow. Am very thankful to hear that people are not blaming others for these little critters, as they are basically hitchikers. Like the comment made by one other person writing in "they get to travel the world for free", but, oh the cost for us who get these wee biting hitchikers.
Thanks again for all the helpful information....
Here's to debugging

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No one is saying that bedbugs are Chris' or Jackie's fault. I agree they are doing a good job. BUT they should notify people if their neighbors have bedbugs!


I have been living in the Regency park Building for over three years now and while i was reading all the comments on this page i found really unfair to blame every single of your problems on managment.
For the new tenants I have to let you know that Chris and Jacky are really doing a good job at Regency park. It is not their fault if cheap tenants bring old furnitures, matresses etc infested with bed bugs that are spreading on some floors. I can not picture managment get into our sui

tes with a little box full of bed bugs to spread on your beds so that they can deal with all the complains later???? so you should blame your dirty neighbour and not them. In three years here I have NEVER SEEN one single bed bug (17th floor) and i am very happy with Chris and Jackys managment.
For the older tenant (whom have been here for quite some time( I would remind you the state of the building beforechris and jacky came in (at the time of B & B Brenda and Bruce) it was a catastrophy, between bud bugs (which were here way before 2008), fires in the garbages, break-ins, stolen cars-bike etc... So try and be positive to find a solution instead of pointing your finger and pointing it in the wrong direction!!

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They are back. 19 floor was fuligated today, some on 18 as a precaution. Management will tell you it is not a problem.....for them.

There should be a requirement that they inform all residents of the problem and where it is... after all, they are a health problem.

The Orkin man will become a permanent fixture...
and the hyphenated lady at Make-believe will deny all culpability.

We have the local MLA living in the building on 7 - Spencer Herbert - tell him we want the law changed to

force full disclosure.

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PLEASE mention the floor you live on when you post a message. It's helpful for everyone who lives in the building.

Back to the point, I saw an Orkin guy today on the 7th floor, so the bedbugs are definitely spreading again.

I'm also a bit ticked off that the management is so secretive about this. They should at least tell tenants living on affected floors so we can take preventative measures.


19th Floor is attacked. If they got all the way up here then who knows how bad it must be!!!
One of the neighbours on the other side sprayed powder for a preventative but not who knows.. They have been swarmed and one of the units is being taking apart on that floor because of the infestation. I would like some reimbursement and feel that we should get either a month of free rent for the BS we put up with or option to move out in one to two months without paying due to the crap w

e're putting up with!!!

If we all feel the same we should bring this issue to management and get the F out of here!!

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I went through the fiasco last year. Scared it is starting again. Orkintruck was there this afternoon.

9th floor.

Me again. Found one walking across my bedroom. Not full, at least it didn't "eat" yet.

AHHHHHH! So sick of knowing what I have to do AGAIN, pack, wash, spray, REPEAT!!!


Recent case reported on the 14th floor, everything in bags, no idea how they were tracked in. Stay alert, this battle isn't over!

Im living in this building, it had bed bugs, when I moved here, they sprayed twice,but it was a mess, everything in bags, and i bought a sprayed but we realized that the old man in front of the aprtment was infested so probably he infested other apartments like mine but now i dont have bed bugs anymore.. my only concern now is if they come back for summer cause people says they like warm weather... so i dont know..other than that the building is ok

to "outahere" and "[email protected]" ..selling your infested furniture to unknowing ESL students? really? That is truly GUTLESS and you should be ashamed of yourself! Honestly, you make me sick!

It's been a while since I last posted. But you can scroll down to see my previous reports. We haven't had any bites or sightings since. I don't know if bedbug activity slows down in the winter but I haven't even seen the pest control guy in a while. Knock on wood.

Hello, I'm about to move into this building and I was curious on how the issue is doing? I'm moving to the 18th floor.

DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING! Bedbug infestation is likely in the entire building. My ex lives on the 15th floor and I used to sleep over. I got bug bites, it was terrible!

Management is treating this as a joke. They don't care. They'd rather keep it on the down-low then admit the full extent of the problem.

Seriously. This building probably needs to be torn down or gutted. THAT'S HOW BAD IT IS!!!

If you sold your couch to someone knowing it was infested you should be arrested. Honestly, that\\\'s shameless. You deserve everything you get. Anyone who gets rid of infested furniture should by law be forced to spraypaint \\\"bedbugs\\\' on it. You make me sick.

Mangement is doing there best on staying on top of this problem, with the co-operation of the tenants we will be able to keep this under control.

I admire your spirit here.

I just found out the Discovery Channel has a show called the Verminators. They do rats, ants, mice, etc.
NOW, They want stories on bed bugs. Email them at [email protected]
Get Vancouver and 1225 Cardero on TV. See if you get ignored after that.

Check out these videos.


Also a committee in Toronto is working on a report of beg b

ugs in Ontario. Soon to be released in November this year.


see full report...

Do not believee that the problem is solved - On Oct 15 the bug spray man got on the elevator at 16 and off at 7. On the trip down he said that he had been on every floor in the building. A week earlier a lady took her cat to the exercise room because her suite was being sprayed. It is still a problem - along with elevators that do not work.

here's an interesting news report:


Management is taking all steps nessasary to rectify this problem along with PCO, and along with the residents co-operation we will be able to keep this problem under control.

"Not Again!" - if you want to be sure, the only thing you can do is move. I doubt it will be possible to kill all the bugs throughout the building. There'll always be a few here and there and it doesn't take long for them to spread from one unit to another.

"An ESL student at Regency gought my couch and bed that were both infested" -- so let me get this straight. You're saying you sold your infested couch and bed??

9th floor.

1st sprayed on July 18th.
Last (2nd) sprayed on July 31st.

Last sighting on Aug 2nd.
Last bitten before July 18th.

"Surveyed" people in the building as often as I can.
Heard nothing.

Still vacuuming daily.
Everything still in bags.

Just got out of the shower and saw a LIVE one, "1/2 full" on the bathroom floor.

What should I do now???

Almost 100 posts on this page about bed bugs in different units/floors of our building. I think anyone looking to rent an apartment will accept this as a solid proof. Until the problem has been __completely eliminated__ any reassurances by the landlord are worthless.

Thankfully with the co-operation of conscientious tenants, only random activity has been found and is being attacked aggressively by Pest Control Contractor. A resident MUST provide proof - not assumption, that activity is present. With this, this problem will be eliminated. -Property Manager

They're called bites. And they didn't just show up from nowhere :) If you've had to deal with these bugs like all of your tenants then you would know that these bites are easily distinguishable from other kinds.

Regency Park Apartments has been aggressively attacking this problem = the problem that has been brought into this building by a resident at some point in time. We are using the methods that the Pest Control company enforces. It is imperative that we have the cooperation of our residents in order to bring this under control. Excessive monies have been spent as we continue to attack the units affected as they are reported. FYI - #201 did not provide any evidence beyond July 31st, 2008 - only

rumor. - Property Manager

see full report...

I was in suite 201 on the 2nd floor.

For the 10,000 F'ing time, could you PLEASE tell us what floor you lived on, or if you don't live here anymore, could you maybe tell us what apt??????? The rest of your information is USELESS without that.

On July 15th, I woke up with a bunch of bites all over my body, out of nowhere. It looked like I had chicken pox. I told the building manager and packed up to move over to my friends house. I had to live on a couch until the 31st. Meanwhile, I had to wash every bit of fabric in my place, bag it up and keep out of the suite. I moved back in after my apartment been treated. I was only back for 10 days before I started getting bit again. Fed up with this, I gave my notice saying I would be leaving

at the end of the month, then packed up to move back onto my friends couch.

I have not been living in my suite for 1 full month now out the past 2, and have had no reimbursement whatsoever for rent, not to mention all the laundry I've had to do. And on top of that, they're keeping my damage deposit and charging me for an extra months rent since I didn't give 30 days notice.

Meanwhile, they have no sign outside saying that there is a suite available. This is because they know there is bed bugs here, and they know that nobody would live in here. This is what gets me, because why should I have to?

If you are going to move into this building beware. You might not get them, but if you do, it is the biggest pain, and Maple Leaf Property Management will try to milk you for every cent they can get before you leave.

see full report...

Here's something you might find helpful.

When we first discovered the bedbugs, we put a couple in a Tupperware bowl to show the superintendents, and we noticed that the plastic was too smooth for them to climb up. And that gave us an idea.

If you read people's bedbug stories you'll hear a lot about the necessity of bagging your clothes to keep the pests away. But if you want to avoid the awful inconvenience of living out of bags during the many months it will take to rid yourself of these

monsters, you might consider buying something called a "file box" by KIS (www.kis.it).

We were thinking of picking up a sealed cooler or some of those camping barrels you can get at the Mountain Co-op. But these file boxes are cheap, light and stackable. My wife found them at Canadian Tire. Even though they don't seal shut, they are so smooth the bugs can't climb in.

We figure the plastic we wrapped around our mattress will have the same effect, so we don't use a fitted sheet anymore, just a pad that doesn't quite reach the edge of the bed. In fact, we use the fitted sheet as a top sheet now, so there isn't any worry that a corner might hang over the mattress and give the bugs a ramp. Of course, the bed is surrounded by DE.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend relying lights or clothing to defend against these creatures.

You'd have to seal yourself into a cocoon for fabric to have much effect. Otherwise, they'll just end up finding a way INTO your clothes. And I think that would be worse.

And while it might be true that light will keep them at bay, they'll just wait you out. They can go without eating for a year or more.

The beauty about DE is you can just pile it up along every wall, under every piece of furniture, and over just about every other surface. It's hardly elegant, but it's no health hazard.

You don't want the bugs hiding in your baseboards. You want them to come out, especially at night when you are safe atop your well-protected mattress. They'll have nowhere to go but through the DE. That's been our strategy, and it seems to be paying off.

see full report...

Thank you to nobody to blame, from all the articles that I have read bed bugs only go to the exposed areas of the skin only, nothing was said about bed bugs penetrating clothing, everything that was mentioned only talked about exposed skin only. I for one am going to wear socks to bed with pagamas tucked in to my socks. I might even buy a cover to go over my eyes and sleep with the lights on that way those little guys are not going to come out at all.I will be doing some more further investigati

ng and will post what ever information I can find for every one.

see full report...

Okay, i just spent 2 hours going through a ton of bed bug sites. If you can sleep with your lights on they will not come out, they are night feeders, even if your lights are dim during the day they think that it is dark and they will make there move if they are hungry, but if it is bright they will stay were they are. also put plastic covers on your pillows and double sided tape such as carpet tape everywhere you might expect activity. By the way I could not find one comment on anyone blaming ma

nagement and that includes, hotels, motels,and apartments, cruise ships ect. Bed bugs are hitch hikers, they just keep traveling around in suitcases and on people, these little guys get to travel the world for free and then get to destroy everyones lives. So from what I have read we all have to educate ourselves the best we can and be pro active, again management can only do so much.

see full report...

Good news for everyone I did my homework and I found out the best place to buy DE and bed covers.I phoned around for the bed covers and believe it or not but sleep country wanted 189.00 dollars for a cover, pesticide stores all wanted between 55.00 and 90.00 dollars. Wallmart, sears and zellers have nothing. the only place that had the exact cover , vinyl with a zipper is linen n things for 18.99 and in all sizes, it looks like some places are deliberatly marking the prices up and cashing in on

our expense.The best place for DE was home depot for 6.97 for a 200 gram bottle which is a good size. everyone else wanted 15 to 20 bucks a bottle. I did speak with many pesticide stores about the bed bug problem and this is what I was told by pretty much everyone. This problem being blamed on management is wrong, management can only do so much the rest is up to us the tenants, bed bugs are travelers and do come from a lot of over sea countries and we do have a lot of ESL students here in Vancouver. A lot of people are not pro active, so to eliminate the bed bugs from every suite is very difficult. Also keep the furniture from the alleys and 2nd hand stores out of the building. If any suite has bed bugs you got to spray, above,below and beside to keep them from moving around.Use the DE along base boards and keep your bed off the ground with maybe some kind of plastic container or put the legs of your bed in to small plastic containers with some DE around the container, and vacume atleast 2 times a day.From what I have learned, talk to to experts if you want some really good advice because this problem is manageable if all affected suites stay on top of it.Good luck every one.One more thing if you have a fan in your bedroom keep it on while you sleep as it changes the oxygen from our mouth when we breath so it tricks the bed bugs, this advice came from a very good source.

see full report...

still infested, floors 2-3-6-10-11-18 are all infested. as confirmed by brenda

Submitted by "Anonymous" on 08/21/2008: The management should put a layer of D.Earth across the floors and along the walls **under the carpets** in all units. All hidden cracks and crevices should be filled with DE and sealed. It would make sense if they did this each time they cleaned up / renovated newly vacated apartments.

**I totally agree. It's simple and cheap. They should also replace the carpets with hardwood flooring.

Submitted by "asdfs" on 08/21/2008: another suggestion is fo

r everyone to write to your MP.. we need to figure out how to fix this [email protected]

**Exactly. Eventually, there will have to be laws requiring landlords to make proper disclosure.

Submitted by "not4bloodsucking lawyers" on 08/22/2008: Now they want to hire a lawyer. Great. We have bedbugs sucking blood at night time and lawyers sucking blood by daytime! Hire the lawyers to start vacuuming infected suites rather than running up billable hours.

**Agreed. Has anyone gotten anything in writing about the bedbug situation here? Have any laws been broken? Any contracts violated? I'd love to be compensated my damages, but I'd be awfully surprised if we had a winnable case.

Submitted by "Mr Optimistic" on 08/22/2008:Hey Michael how are you doing, just wanted to let you know that I do not wear reading glasses, I have perfect vision not unlike yourself, and if you find the building such a big inconvenience in your wonderful life maybe you should move were you would be much happier and fit in like maybe East Hastings.

**Am I on crazy pills here? Why is this joker still on my case? Mr. Optimistic, if imbecility were grounds for eviction, YOU would be the one living on E. Hastings. Try reading my posts a little more carefully and see if I've said anything you actually disagree with.

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Hey "outahere".
Don't have a yard sale. Thats bloody unethical. You're going to give your damn bed bugs to other people. Shame on you.
Also, how can we contact Maple Leaf Properties to complain? Who else can we complain to? The management for this building is ridiculous.

Mr Optimistic,, or should is say regency park management? What are you one of Brenda's psycho laky's? she is retarded and so is her moron husband bruce. these 2 got their ass's fired and for one i'm happy. they do shit all except smoke outside. People knock at the door and she doesnt do shit all!

The only thing we can do is make it known that the entire building is infested by bedbugs. People we need to post everywhere we can. Do not let the management win on this. It's time to take control

Great to see management posting here making fun of tenant concerns. I think that sums up the whole bedbug matter perfectly. They just don't care. Brenda is a pathological liar who has looked me directly in the eye on DOZENS of occasions and lied to me about my unit being sprayed (it wasn't) and about other concerns I've had since I moved here. I'm glad they are leaving, but the people who will take over for them will be just as bad because they will be under the same marching orders. The CITY ne

eds to step in and do something because every tower in downtown is going to give you the same level of commitment - NONE.

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another suggestion is for everyone to write to your MP.. we need to figure out how to fix this problem..

[email protected]

Jason - I feel you. I feel totally duped. In terms of legal action and small claims court I am interested. But other then verbal confirmation from Brenda and Bruce that the issue is in the past, what are the chances of us getting compensation for our lost? I don't really know how the legal system works but tts basically our words against their's?

Actually, bedbugs can be picked up from (for example) your elevators, the laundry room, the moving vans, from sitting on a bus in the west end or at a coffee shop, from a borrowed book, from the library, from your doctor's office waiting room, endless. Documents stating that a person is "bedbug free" would be false security simply given the FACT that between point A and B on any move there are any number of variables including the VAN / truck your property was moved in or from any storage where

your property has been kept. There is an epidemic in the West End. We moved out. Won't be going back, ever. If we look at the map, it's only getting worse and it will only get worse. This is not something that "goes away". Meanwhile, get busy.

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Bed bugs on Barclay 1120............

Here are some suggestions that would go a long way in reducing some of the discontent (mine included):

1. Require landlords to provide a written declaration of all bedbug activity in their buildings to prospective tenants. The declaration should go back at least 1 year, include a summary report of all visits to the building by a PCO, and in particular highlight any previous activity in the suites being advertised for rent.

2. Require landlords to keep current notices on the community bulle

tin board that report all confirmed bedbug activity by floor.

3. Require landlords to arrange (and tenants to submit to) a quarterly pest inspection by a qualified PCO.

I also recommend that people stop using those lame pseudonyms on their posts. Maybe if we start identifying ourselves by first name and floor #, we'll have a better sense of where the problems are and we'll be less paranoid that some shill from management is on here spreading misinformation.

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I also can completely confirm that this building has a serious problem with bedbugs. And i confirmed with prior residents that they knew of the problem before i moved in. I was not notified. After 5 months fighting with the asshole Bruce and his crazy bipolar wife Brenda i finally decided to break my lease and get the hell out of the bed bug ridden building. Cost me over $1800 to replace bedding, furniture etc, Then the freaks had the nerve to come after me for the remaining portion of the lease

. If anyone needs help filing any claim at all i will be more than happy to provide any information needed.

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Hey 'Mr Optimistic' - what's with the "mainly you, Michael" comment? Is there something in my posts to suggest I haven't been educating myself? I suggest you dust off your reading glasses and try again.

Everyone who was lied to by management I suggest we start the arbitration process. Please read the following documentation.

I'm involved in professional legal so I can start the process easily.

Please contact me at [email protected] We can then file for a request for arbitration applications to be joined. Let's fight these bastards!!!



After arbitration we can then go after in small claims court for any damages.

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Mr. Optimistic, sounds like maple leaf management. There will be postings all around the west end by this weekend if building management doesn’t take a serious step to resolve this issue. This is not JOKE. The building will be posted on EVERY single community website, halls, you name it I’ll be posting it.

This building has refused to take ownership and provide a real level of care to the people living inside. You’re making a freaking KILLING on these units and you canâ

€™t even provide us with any sort of care? How dare you people. Let's look at some calculation just so people actually know how much your management company is taking from everyone once a month. Average of 10-12 units per floor, 18 floors, average unit rental cost is 1200 dollars = 259,200.00 per month in our rent going to your stupid ass company. And you can’t even provide us with adequate resources?

Nothing is going to change EVERYONE needs to take a stand... post EVERYWHERE you know that this building is infested.. nothing will change until they are woken up to take some action!

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And if someone comes back and says to be "Well they are just doing their jobs and renting out the suites..." or "what are they supposed to do other than posting it up". I am going to scream. Yes renting out the suite is their job..doing it unethically isn't!

This whole thing has costs of almost a thousand dollars worth of damage in new bedding, new mattress and bed, laundry, cleaning and not to mention emotional and psychological trauma. If they told me the truth to begin with that it ha

s been an ongoing problem and they are trying their best to fight it...and I choose to move it..then fine its my problem. But I trusts them and they lied to me...and this has costs me so much money and trauma. There is no defending this!

In regards to "its your job to read the board" note how they do not hesitate to send memos door to door about stuff like people throwing things to the roof of London Drugs or memos about the fireworks and parking (which in my opinion is a lot less important than bed bugs). And if you are going to tell me that sending a memo too all the tenants is going to create mass panic....well I say better for everyone to be informed on the issue and be aware for a few months so we know exactly what suites have a problem and what is going on!

see full report...

Thank you! I am glad someone voiced what I have been thinking all along...that perhaps some of the post aren't really from tenants and from landlords.

Especially the ones that blame tenants for not doing their part and being lazy and stupid and etc. I did my part and yes I got rid of them...after hundreds of dollars isn laundry, cleaning and nights of sleep. The issue is that, the building has had them for two years, and the bugs just keep moving from suite to suite when the fumigate a sui

te. And new tenants are not properly warned before they move in!

Though this is a larger problem in the West End my issue with Brenda and Bruce is that when I moved in I asked about the issue (before I knew about this forum) and they said it was in the past and they don't have a problem currently. Well within two months of being I saw the orkin truck was outside and I saw a mattress in the alley and I suspected...and a few months later they somehow got into my suite (and no I am not someone that buys second hand furniture nor do am I dirty and unclean...I really don't know how it happened...I can't even pinpoint how really). So

I guess that they REALLY thought that after a year of having them..the one week they didn't get a report and I happen to ask them about it....they REALLY meant and REALLY thought it was a problem in the past.

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"mp" sounds like someone from Maple Leaf properties posing as a tenant. What annoys me the most is the lack of information in our building. There should be a regularly updated list in the lobby that tells everyone how many suites are known to be infested, which floors are affected, and measures currently being taken. I also agree with another poster that ORKIN ARE USELESS! If the landlord is stupid enough to pay for a bad service that won't eradicate the problem, it's up to them. They can waste

their own money. But I feel sorry for people who have to put up with this.

see full report...

We are on the 12th floor and had our first experience with bedbugs back in Sep 06. It took 3 fumigations to completely rid us of them over a 6 to 8 month period. The most important thing you can do is properly prepare...be anal!!!...if you do a mediocre job you will never get rid of them as it only takes one to survive and it begins all over.

To prepare you have to, have to wash in hot water all clothes in dressers, bedding, etc and bag properly. Hot water kills any eggs they may have laid.

Pull all your furniture away from the walls, take off all your outlet and switch covers (so they can spray inside) and if you have to wait for a fumigation...vacuum your bed, couches..every bloody crack you can fit that nozzle in and it will help as you are potentially eliminating eggs...but then immediately throw out the bag or wash out the cannister in hot water.

After much research and plenty of frustration it is possible to eradicate but you have to be so diligent and GET RID OF STUFF THAT IS INFESTED!!! And another thing...they have nothing to do with cleanliness, some of the fanciest, high-end hotels suffer from this epidemic as tourists bring them in.

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Thanks, Heretohelp. You must have posted while I was typing. I think we're pretty much in agreement about what has to be done.

In response to some of the other posters, I haven't been here long enough to know how this place has been run, but I'm not sure the attacks on Bruce and Brenda are entirely fair. Aside from the bedbugs, things seem to be run pretty well. Brenda, Bruce and Glen are all friendly, cooperative and involved.

They didn't bring the bedbugs into the building. And they did

n't delay in calling the exterminators. The real dilemma, I think, is that none of their efforts can possibly succeed if the tenants aren't actively involved. We have spoken to people in this building who acknowledged seeing bugs in their suite but didn't report them--because they thought the problem was solved when they killed the few they spotted. Other people think fumigation will take care of it, without little or no effort on their own part. Others don't even know or won't admit that their suites are infested. Even with the most concerted efforts, eradication is a slow, uncertain process.

Blaming the superintendents and the exterminators may make us feel better. But who are they going to be replaced with? For my part, I'm sad to hear that they are leaving. I would be surprised if someone else came in and did a better job.

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Here's an update for anyone interested in following this story.

After spotting the first two adult bugs (then a third, and then a juvenile), we went into a complete war footing:

1. Bedding was stripped and laundered, the futon (and even the pillows) were wrapped in heavy plastic, and clothing was cleaned, bagged and deposited in Rubbermaid bins. Someone told us we could get a breathable encasement for the mattress (cost: $60), which would be more comfortable than plastic (and a better long

-term solution). We'll look into it.

2. The futon frame was thoroughly dusted with DE, then raised on wooden blocks to reduce areas of contact with the floor. The blocks, too, were then covered with a thick coating of DE, and as a further precaution, the futon frame was protected with a strip of double-sided tape.

The tape (and the few sticky traps we put under the bed) will also give an indication of the level of bug activity.

3. The entire perimeter of the suite was sealed with a solid line of DE--about an inch thick all around--especially under the heater. It's ugly, but tolerable.

4. Surfaces on which we (and the cats) do not walk (closet floor, under the stove, etc) were
liberally dusted with DE.

5. We do not have any upholstered furniture, but everything else (desks, tables, dresser, etc) was sanitized with a 99% alcohol spay and then surrounded with a layer of DE.

6. Finally, letters were delivered to the adjacent apartments, warning the occupants of the situation.

This may seem like overkill, but having read all the reports on this registry, we have no illusions about what it takes to repel this invasion.

From what we have read, people who think bedbugs can be defeated quickly and effortlessly are deluded. Our approach is to win by attrition. Rather than vacuuming compulsively (some suggest vacuuming three or four times a day), we plan to leave the DE where it is (indefinitely). Anything crawling in or out of the walls or up the bed or into the furniture will have to pass through it. Then it's a slow, ugly death.

As for the building's management, even though it was a weekend (and probably not a real 'emergency'), the manager responded to our phone call almost immediately. He was at our door within a few minutes, and first thing Monday morning he called to let us know that pest control would be here for an inspection. It's impossible to say where the bugs came from, but I certainly can't accuse the managers of taking a lackadaisical approach.

PCO was here before 11:00, endorsed our strategy and suggested it might not even be necessary to fumigate.

DE, for those who don't know, is short for DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (AKA silcon dioxide), a fine, talcum-like powder produced from the crushed remains of ancient diatoms. It is not a poison. It is not chemically active. And it remains effective until you vacuum it up. It's composed of microscopic blades of glass that can slice through an insect's waxy shell and dry it out like a salted fish. It took about two days for our prisoners to succumb.

It's available at RONA for about $15 for 200g, under the brand name DIO or Green Earth. But you can get it at Home Depot for about half the price--or on the Internet for pennies. A kilo of the stuff turned out to be plenty for our small apartment.

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Michael, I suggest you do the following IMMEDIATLY. Either throw out your mattress or do the following! Grab a mattress cover from either sleep country or parkers. Go here http://www.parkersmattress.com/Product/1143937139400-7649/pC/1139599445945-1068/ after that put DE ALL over your mattress and cover it with that cover. I hope your bed is off the ground if not do it immediately. And put the legs of the bed in jars or cups or what ever and put Vaseline all over the legs, bugs cannot crawl up!

~ I would bag EVERYTHING you have your entire clothing take it to have everything cleaned and put into the dryer. then I would vacuum your unit like 5 or 6 times and im not talking a tiny vacuum I mean vacuum EVERYTHING.. your dresser spray with hot water/lysol CLEAN EVERYTHING the eggs are too small u cannot see them! then I would line your walls with DE and put ducktap to seal the wall to the carpet. this will stop those buggers from coming out! do this on any wall you share with some one. Second then put DE on your door way entrance who care if u step all over it, its non toxic wont do anything except stop those buggers from coming in the front door.

Let me know if you need any additional information. This is easy to get rid of people just need to take the right steps

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Maybe this is why Brenda and Bruce got their ass's fired! they are gone anyways at the end of the month!

Some one needs to start posting signs outside on the rental enquiry board that there are 10 bedbug units available. this could maybe get them to wake up? Stop using ORKIN AND GET A REAL FREAKING EXTERMINATION COMPANY U STUPID PEOPLE!

The landlords and property manager for this location are clearly unethical.

Sorry, We're on the 6th floor.

Brenda and Bruce are out right lying. They DO NOT spray the adjacent units..I know because I had bugs and they only sprayed MY suite. Sorry to the new tenant and your wife. The only time that happened was when there was an infestation on the third floor...and they sprayed the second and adjeacent suites because Brenda and Bruce lives on the second floor...the rest of the builiding...not so much. Liars.

Can you PLEASE tell us what floor you are on?

We discovered the bedbug registry just after we sent our deposit cheque to the building's management company. We called the superintendent right away and asked whether there was any worry. She said it was overblown--that there were just a few isolated incidents, mostly people who weren't co-operating with the recommended procedures for eradication--and explained that whenever there was a report, they called someone in to spray the affected unit as well as all the adjacent units (including those

above and below) and that the situation was well under control.

We were here exactly 2 weeks when my wife showed me the welts covering her arms and torso. I didn't want to believe we had bedbugs, but it didn't take long to find a couple specimens on the mattress, so there's no more doubting it: we have them in a Tupperware bowl to present to the superintendent tomorrow.

We went out and picked up a few canisters of diatomaceous earth and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will solve the problem. But we can't help wondering if the previous tenant didn't vacate the premises because of the bedbugs and that management lied to us when we inquired about the situation. I don't want to believe it, but I also didn't want to believe my wife's welts were caused by anything more than a mosquito. So much for blind optimism.

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Landlord was active?? what the hell are you talking about!! This problem has been around for almost 2 years now! Notification has been weak at best. I think it's time you people change pest control and move on to some one more experienced!

The Landlord has been aggressively attacking this problem ever since it was brought into our building. Effective July 31, 2008, we feel we have the situation under control and are optimistic we have this problem eliminated all together. In order to accomplish this, we must have the cooperation of the residents to inform us of any new activity promptly, by way of proof of activity – only then can we react. –Property Manager

Addition to my previous post: I bought my diatomaceous earth (DE) at Rona in the pest-control section under the brand name DIO in a plastic cylindrical container. It was about $14 I think. There was a cheaper one but the DIO had a higher concentration of DE. Most garden centres should carry DE as it's very commonly used to kill garden pests due to its zero toxicity to plants and humans. I bought two containers and used them both in treating our 3-bedroom apartment (I put down thick, visible

lines along every wall especially in the bedrooms). We did have spraying first including our beds and sofas, then vacuumed thoroughly a few days later as advised by the pest-control company, then put down the DE along the bottom of every wall, in our bed frame before replacing the mattress, and in our sofas. I later found a few dead bugs in the lines of DE we put down, so I know that it works. Four months later we have vacuumed it up, and so far, so good.... Best wishes to everyone here as it sounds like life in your building has been a nightmare.

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Yes, I bagged all clothing, threw out any rugs or equipment that would be hard to clean, and assisted the Orkin guy as much as I could. Like I said, I've only had 2 since but they may have been on their way to the bedbug afterlife.

It was just a huge inconvenience but again, its the west end and its going to happen. Noone is to blame except for the bloke who had them for who knows how long and didnt report it.

And for annoyedbyexagerration, theres a wack of spots on

that map but just think about how many tenants in Vancouver that don't have the internet or any knowledge about this site. CTV recently did a story on the infestation of bedbugs in Vancouver. 1225 Cardero is just a drop in the bucket.

Management has been very good about dealing with the infestation however the higher authority at maple leaf management could have acted faster to inform all tenants. After all, how many people in this building take their old furniture to the basement only to have another tenant take it back to thei suite.

Good on whoever created this site.

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annoyedbyexagerration - are you blind? face the facts. look at the at all the red dots on the map. over 70 reports near this address. your building might not have them yet (and i hope never will) but it's not like you're "safe".

You can order it online. It costs about $12 for 5 lbs: http://www.bulkfoods.com/pets.asp (scroll down the page)

Dear DE, I called the Rona people and they say they don't carry it. Is there another name?

Try Rona or any Gardening store...make sure you get the grade that is human and pet safe.

Where can I buy DE Diatomaceous Earth!! Vancouver area?? and is it prophylactic? someone

As an aside, I live in the west end, near 1225 cardero, and my building has never had bed bugs.
Buildings without them do exist.

Kirk, I've also thought of moving out but there's no guarantee that new place won't have the same problem... i'm on the 7th floor and I've had the 2nd fumigation on 25th July. I think my apartment is now clear because I haven't been getting bitten for at least a week. Here's what I think helped me the most. I sprinkled DE along all the walls and furniture in my apartment. I threw away lots of old stuff I rarely used.. threw away my bed and bought a new one with a metal frame. I washed all my clo

thes and put them in sealed bags outside the bedroom.. put a vinyl cover around my mattress and taped over the zipper (I'll replace the mattress with a new one once I know for sure the problem is gone). I sprayed the furniture and carpets with neem oil mixed with water (acts as repellent)... I think DE helped the most though.

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Kirk,,, have you been doing prep work at all???

Are you bagging up your clothes?

Are you packing EVERYTHING up and moving it out of the bed room?

Have you put a matress cover on your bed?

What are you doing as your prep work? Bed bugs require a HUG amount of prep work... often days.. i suggest you start taking it seriously and stop wasting managements time!!! good luck finding another place in the west end that doesnt have bed bugs..

Kirk, when did this happen to you? When did it spread on the 3rd floor?

I live on the 3rd floor and I can tell you that the Dude who lived in #308 had the massive infestation. But it wasn't noticed until he moved out and some poor guy moved in. Then they started spreading. I live down the hall on the other side and had never seen a bedbug. It wasn't until after the 1st fumigation that they started spreading throughout the floor.

I set several traps and left for a week only to come back and find an army of those critters stuck on the stickypads. Bruce and Brenda

assured me the problem would go away after the second spraying but nooooo. Found 2 more since!!

Seriously looking at other places to move and I'm not bringing one piece of furniture with me.

1225 Cardero is turning into a 1225 downtown east side address.

see full report...

Can those of you posting please make an effort to ALWAYS post what floor you live on so that the rest of us have an idea as to the migrating patterns of these bugs? Thnkskbai.

After the second fumigation, bedbugs are still evident in my apartment...damn! Bought some DE...hope it works....but to be honest, I don't think the fumigation is enough??? By the way, why are the elevators are so smelly & dirty? They never clean it?

Hi there. I don't live at this address but live in the neighborhood and have dealt with the suffering and labour from bedbugs. I did a ton of research when dealing with the problem, and I'm shocked that so many people here think you need to throw out your furniture(!) and vacuum 3x per day. Plenty of pest-control companies will spray your bed and sofas. You still need to vacuum thoroughly a few days later. Or, you can eliminate bedbugs without any pest control, by vacuuming thoroughly (ev

ery crack and crevice of mattress, wall, sofa) and then putting down diatomaceous earth (DE). Put along your walls (especially the wall your bed is against), around your bed legs and thoroughly dust any wooden areas/bed frames. Diatomaceous earth is a physical insecticide - it penetrates the waxy exoskeleton of insects and they die of dehydration. You can find it at any Rona or garden centre. It is completely safe for animals and people- they even feed it to livestock - but you should wear a mask when applying so you don't inhale it. I inhaled it a bit, though (and I have asthma) and it didn't bother me as much as the spray the pest-control company used. Our sofas have lots of crevices, so we filled them with DE and left sheets over them for a few months. It has been 4 months now and no new bedbugs or bites.

see full report...

Lol you people are so funny, you expect the orkin man to treat your matress when your filthy ass dragged it into the building? Stop being such slobs and we wouldnt have this problem you filthy animals!!!

Last time i check pest control doesnt mean laundry service you freaking fools! i just had my unit treated and its called being prepared...Nope i didnt have 1 single bed bug...why because i dont bring shit from outside, i dont shop at used stores, and im not a slob like 90% of you people in 1

225 cardero! Stop rat bagging on management because i think they have done enough to notify everyone about these bed bugs.

I have been here for just 1 year and seen letters posted outside 3 times. Do you expect them to knock at your door? Jesus christ people how old are you? grow a freaking brain. It's your fault the bedbugs are in your unit to begin with, its your fault they are not killing them properly!!

It's called doing what needs to be done and getting it done. Stop your bitching cause there are 10000 other places in the west end that have bedbugs... good luck finding a place that doesnt!

see full report...

Ya I am glad for this registry and hope no one rents at 1225 Cardero. That letter is ridiculous...what are we supposed to do? Shut up and not tell anyone about the problem in the building?

Its on the 3,4,5,7,10,11 floor I think from all the post and one random higher floor. Its not an isolated incident where you shouldn't make a big deal. It is a huge deal!

Txxt of a letter from Maple Leaf Properties to all tenants:
This letter is beind distributed to serve as an educational purpose. Unfortunately, the entire West End of Vancouver is plagued by an outbreak of Bed Bugs, and regretfully, Regency Park is affected as well. Please understand that the presence of this insect does not indicate "uncleanliness" at all! The landlord is endevoring to control and ultimately eliminate the outbreak as this problem was nonexistent until someone brought it to o

ur building and now our only plan of attack is to rely on 2 factors:
Advice, direction and treatment from our Pest Control Contractor.
information and cooperation from our residents. I cannot reiterate enough - information, information, information. .... I have since learned of a website where residents enter comments and opinions, naming buildings with the problem.....

Hello Houston, we have a problem....

The numbers of the suites treated were not listed. Some unsuspecting new tenants might not rent here.....

see full report...

Turns out we've had this problem in the building for OVER A YEAR but the management kept it quiet instead of informing the tenants. Now we have to deal with this big ugly mess. Definitely time to move on.

--- Sep 28 2007:

"My building (Cardero & Davie, also West End) is contaminated with bed bugs for over a year now and when the Orkin guy comes says that will not treat furniture nor mattress, he said just put everything in the trash, so How this problem will end if he refuses to do part

of his job and promotes to relocate the bed bugs?
In my opinion unprofessional people like him are part of the problem, but the worst part is that when I call Orkin to ask why my furniture nor mattress will be treated they said that the guy should treat everything but if he doesn't want to they can't make him, and yeah, that sounds like BS.
The Orkin guy should have a suit here so that would be cheaper than coming constantly.
In this building not just the apartments have bed bugs but also the storage space in the basement that was never treated so each time that somewhere gets anything from there the problem is back, but hey! the land lord can't spend that much! Jerks."

--- Source: http://www.discovervancouver.com/forum/Bed-BUGS-t72406.html (go to page 6)

see full report...

So I'm not understanding how if they're a spray grid why am I not getting any notices? I'm on the 11th and right now I found one and freaking out. I'm exhausted and ppl at work think I'm dirty and such. Seriously considering breaking my lease for this and move to richmond. *sighs*

Heard through the grape vine that there is a suite on the 3rd floor that is so badly infested that they are gutting the entire place and they had to evict the tenant because he was not doing anything to get rid of them. Apparenly the place is crawling with them...and they are just out and about hanging out.

ew got bites and found one on the bed frame. Lease has been up and paying month to month so I am out ASAP. Got treated with two sprays. Still paranoid...also paranoid about bringing them back into apartment from common areas. The gym is being used to house cats from units being sprayed. WTF?! Are the cats clean and free of bugs? What about there litter boxes or whatever they are being transported in?! Too freakky!!! I am out! This is dumb the problem is obviously NOT going away.

Several apartments have been fumigated today, but not entire apartments - only bedrooms! It's very hard to get rid off bedbugs, so this this half-baked treatment is unlikely to make much difference.

I have just been fumigated recently. However, I have found a couple walking around. Hopefully they will all disappear on the second fumigation. I feel so itchy and disgusting...they are so gross. By the way, you can buy a cover for your mattress that has a locked in zipper...this will keep the bugs in (if you don't want to get rid of your mattress after having a nest???) or out...it works better than a plastic cover...they sell them at sleep'n'country or any other store. I just wonder how t

his happened???

see full report...

Talked to my neighbur on 7 who I saw moving out and saw trashbuster guys taking away couches and furniture. Looks like the unit has bed bugs but has been sprayed only after being in the bachelor for a few months.

Does not look like this situation is under control in the building judging from all the posts!

Should have known when I move in there was a reason there is always something avaliable to rent in the building in Vancouver when vacancy rates are so low. I think I have seen them

showing the suite to others too...not sure if they are telling people that the unit has a problem. I am itchy just thinking aobut it...hopefully it has been resolved and does not spread to my suite.

see full report...

There are also bedbugs on the 4th floor. It has been like this for about 3 weeks and no fumigation yet.

Have been told by landlord that despite having proof of bedbugs (2 found to date), have to wait two weeks to be sprayed. I guess they have a contract with a pest control company, and two weeks is the soonest they can come out. This seems ridiculous because I just get to hang out and watch as these bugs continue to disrupt my sleep, paranoia sets in and they multiply. It bothers me that there is no information provided to tenants about this issue. Apparently it\'s \"common sense\" if you have bi

tes that you should know they\'re bed bugs. i\'d never heard of bed bugs before moving here. I thought they were just part of that rhyme. I find it unsettling that they are fumigating in the building and people don\'t know that it\'s happening, and don\'t know what precautions to take or signs to look for. Instead, people\'s stuff is getting ruined and their lives are being seriously distrupted because of withholding information and I think it\'s very unethical.

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Also have issues. My suite has been sprayed. I found a lone bug...but management was pretty good about treating it really quickly. Looks like its spreading! Been having bites without knowing what it was until I caught the damn thing. Yikes! Creepy! Waiting for second spray...hopefully they go away!

One suite in this building has been treated NINE times for bedbugs, as of March 2008. This suite is on a higher floor, the tenants just keep bringing them back into the building or are not throwing out furniture when recommended. The 3rd floor is currently infested and is being treated. Apparently there is a "nest" in one of the suites on this floor.

Found a bedbug in my 5th floor apartment today (June 24, 2008). I was suspicious, had bites on my arms. I put traps out, despite being told by a Pest Control person that the traps often don't work, especially if you only have a few bugs. Today when removing the sheets from the bed to wash them and vaccuum the mattress, I found one lonely bug right on the frame of the bed, in the late afternoon. They are bigger than I thought - I thought all the times I'd looked for them I just wasn't seeing

them because they're so small, but they're actually quite noticeable. Am quite frustrated. And concerned by how many of these posts are popping up all of a sudden here.

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Bedbugs in the 10th floor of the building... Looks like they\'re spreading quickly.

There're bedbugs on the 7th floor of the building. I started getting bitten couple of weeks ago. When I spoke to the building manager, I was told that there are several units in the building infested with bedbugs. They can spread easily by clinging onto people clothes or travel from unit to unit.

In our building, you need to provide evidence of an infestation if you want to get your apartment treated by a pest control company. This means you'll have to catch couple of bedbugs and bring them t

o the building manager. This, or you pay for treatment out of your own pocket.

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Currently bedbugs on the 3rd floor (June 2008)
On the side of the building facing Cardero Street, but not sure which suite.
Surrounding suites are being fumigated, even on floor below.

!806 infested with bed bugs in Jan. Had to toos a 2,500 California King. Furmigated twice, still noticing live bugs but being told they are sterile and cannot lay anymore eggs

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