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This website is a joke. Anyone can submit anything they want whether it is the truth or fiction. No requirement to register and no screening or confirming submissions. Don't trust this site. 90% of write ups are from disgruntled tenants who have never had bed bugs. If you want the truth, speak to current tenants and management, then formulate your own opinion.

I just stumbled onto this site and noticed the postings are fairly recent. I myself was in the building on the third floor until 2005-ish, when the first evidence of an infestation showed up.

Was discovered when I was asked to prep my suite for a "preventative spraying" due to a confirmed infestation on the floor above mine. The insects were later found in my suite a month later, and after 4 separate sprayings, I decided to move out. Threw out all upholstered furniture, and all bedroom fur

niture. Nothing followed me to my new building, where I lived for 4 more years before leaving Vancouver.

Building super and his wife were wonderful throughout the ordeal, and I have nothing but positive things to say about them.

As for the management company, however, I cannot say the same thing. Refused to take any responsibility, and eventually settled privately with me for a portion of my losses. Had to get lawyers involved, and was treated with disrespect by management the entire time we were addressing the issue. Was told on several occasions "Just sleep on your couch while they spray your suite." No apparent recognition that these are peoples' homes.

Looks like they still haven't rid themselves of the problem.

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Went to look at unit 4-1-2010 and Manager denied any previous instances of infection. Also after I brought up the issue manager got very impolite and harsh. Claimed that "chinese and koreans" bring them into the city...

I ran away as fast as I could...

I suggest the same.

Avoid this place at all costs. Rather than try to treat the problem the management seemed more concerned about placing blame and collecting expenses. After initially reporting a finding of bed bugs within my suite, I was immediately bullied into making payments for treatment with various letters. The management immediately tried to cover up the fact there were any previous problems and that I somehow brought them into his building. However they were not smart enough and when trying to collect p

ayment for the initial treatment there was mention of another unit treatment 3 floors up from mine. We battled the first case against the property management and won confidently (as we had written proof against them).

We threw away our old mattress bought a new one, purchased all new bedding, bagged and cleaned everything. At an estimated total cost of around $1,500. All was well after a serious of treatments, however the bug continued to reappear 5 months later. A live bug actually fell onto my head through an overhead vent in the washroom. It was later discovered multiple units were infected and being treated (more than 4 on various levels). I believe the building itself is infested as I've seen multiple floors and areas affected. Bed bugs can travel through walls, piping, etc. Again the only reason I even known there were other suites infected was from the service invoices. They were very quick to cover up any other infestations. It was the same battle again.

After going to school with bites all over my skin and countless uncomfortable and sleepless nights, sometimes even sleeping on the floor we had enough of their crap. We have moved out to a much nicer suite for a similar price (now with an ocean view) and much friendlier and sensible management. Haven't looked backed for a second!

You will regret moving into this building -- learn from my mistake! There are plenty of other options out there.

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