1160 Broughton St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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talked to the neighbor in room 1003 and apparently he had bugs and had to get his place sprayed in January as well.
the landlord will be contacting pest control on tuesday for me which I guess is better than not at all but not exactly meeting my needs for a decent nite of sleep tonite.
Just found 2 more bugs so I guess I will be srpaying Raid everywhere.
This is the worst experience with insects in my life.

I woke up this morning with bites all over my body. Read some stuff on the internet about bed bugs, moved my mattress and found about 30 live adult bugs. I just moved into this room on August 1 and have been splitting time sleeping here and at my girlfriend's so didn't realize it was bed bugs until today although I had been getting a few bites here and there which I had been passing off as mosquito bites since it is summer. I have never encountered bed bugs so this is both shocking and disgus

ting. I will be confronting my roommate who I rent this place from on Monday when he returns from the Rockies since I suspect this problem existed before; the mattress here had a plastic cover on it under the cloth sheets.

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