1080 Broughton St
Vancouver, BC V6G

Found 3 reports:

The Strata Council has been very proactive in regards to the ONE suite that was found to have bedbugs. Further inspections have all come back as negative for bed bugs. Looks like the fumigation on the one suite in question worked!

I too saw a truck out front with guys in hazardous materials type suits show up and were taking a couch and other large pieces of furniture away.

I have been told the bugs returned to the unit(s) in question and they have had to fumigate the laundry room a few times for the same reason.

I hope the bugs don't go floor to floor. This building was not constructed very well so noise travels easily from floor to floor (up and down).

How do we know the bugs won't do the same?

This privately owned low-rise condo harbors bedbugs. The council seems to be treating it on a case by case basis, but more prevention should be taking place, in my opinion.

I saw my neighbor hauling his belongings in plastic bags the day of the fumigation.

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