1051 Broughton St
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Hi Stephanie,
Which floor? i am dealing with fleas in my apartment right now even though i have no pets. They’ve stopped washing and vacuuming the carpets in the halls it seems for several months. Perhaps it’s a measure to control moving the bedbugs between floors, but with hundreds of furry animals in the building flea and tick infestations are guaranteed when the carpeted halls don’t get properly cleaned!

Dear Stephanie,

We are working as diligently as we can to ensure that there are no bed bugs present in the building. The incident is contained to the one floor and we have done tests on a number of others that have shown no signs of them. It is a busy time of year for pest control companies and we have scheduled a treatment for the earliest date we could.

Thank you for your concerns, and anyone is welcome to call the Resident Manager at 604-328-9454 for any further information.

The Ma


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This is a brand new building! One of my neighbors had an overnight guest who brought bedbugs into the building. He moved and dragged his mattress out into the alley through the carpeted halls, and in the elevator. The infestation spread to at least one other unit on the same floor. The tenant told management about it almost three weeks ago and they still haven't done anything! Lots of promises, at least three different companies contacted to inspect the unit and give a quote, but no action. Heat

treatment promised next week, will keep you posted. Trained dogs inspected the first eight floors for more bugs, but results of this not shared with tenants.

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