998 Thurlow St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Bedbugs have been found in my bed today, doesn't seem to be a bad infestation, but they are definitely in my bed.

date of encounter: june 9/10
date written: feb 21/11

management at 998 thurlow dealt with the bedbug problem in our suite immediatly and covered most all of the cost. there were two other suites we knew of.
we felt they handled the problem discreetly which was wonderful as having a problem like bedbugs is somewhat embarrassing.

I am the manager and owner of this building. Since me and my wife bought the building 6 months ago, we had 3 incounters with bed bugs wich totals 5 bedbugs seen. These 3 suites wich incountered bedbugs was treated the next day by a certified company. We did not alarm tenants since there was no need to according to the fumigator company. We do monthly preventive fumigation, and according to the fumigation company, there is nothing more i can do for this. The personne that posted this complaint is

not happy since i did not want to pay for replacing her furniture after she thrown it away without telling me. Thats all there is to it. I didnt feel the need to pay for anything since there was only 2 bedbugs found(that could have come inside the building on her from somewere else or simply her pet)and she thrown everything away without telling me or being informed to do so by the fumigator technician. I highly recomend to every tenants in the west end to do periodical check ups around there suites to spot any insect and report any incounters to there manager. The tenant that posted this also posted it to each doors and the elevator. Keep in mind, doing this is a serious offence.


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There have been various cases of bed bugs at this location.

Manager is NOT proactive or helpful, and doesn't take this seriously. He doesn't show up to the fumigator appointments and offers NO help in preparing.
This has cost us a lot of money, and because the management is not taking this seriously, there is a very big fear of another infestation in our suite.

They have NOT alerted other tenants.

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