950 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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2009 we moved to apartment 702 and after a while my boyfriend got some strange bite... At first we believed it was food allergy and after checking to doctor it was a bad reaction to bedbug... Never saw one until one day...
One was running on our bed...
A pest guy came and spray everywhere. We cleaned everything and bring to dry cleaner .. After a month again.... The pest guy came again...
But my BB couldn't deal with it anymore. This bite was not nice
So we had to move to another Building

I moved into Apartment 1001 in April 2008 and stayed there for a full year. I found 1 bed bug on our mattress. Luckily we had mattress covers on our bed. Did random checks after that and never found anymore. Maybe they cleaned it out before we got there and this was an isolated incident.

Edit to below date should read:
September 2008

Vancouver should come with a warning label:

September 2007-Apt 402-950 Jervis

My boyfriend and I moved from Nova Scotia to Vancouver. The day we got there we had nothing but our suitcases so we bought a brand new matress and box spring $600.

We woke up after spending the first night and my boyfriends' back was covered with bed bug bites. We wen to a clinic to find out what they were (we had no idea at the time).

We called our super who got a company to spray, but not after accusing

us from bringing it in on our luggage and saying there had never been a REAL case of bed bugs there, but several fake reports?.

We left for day so they could spray after taking everything we owned and drying it at $2.00/ dry which was not only time consuming but very expensive. This worked for a few days there were no bites. Sleeping was difficult.

They returned, however the company was unable to spray again until a week or so later. No sleeping for us. My boyfriend was doing his phd program and we were at our wits end feeling powerless to wait and spray, spray again. I can't even explain the psychological effects it had on us.

During this time I found out I was pregnant, this meant for the second spray I'd have to be out for at least 24 hours and even then I wasn't feeling good about it. Luckily instead of spending cash out of pocket to get a hotel room we had a friend from Montreal who offered us to stay at his place for the night for the second spray.

The second spray did not stop the bugs either they came back again. We went to see the super who said understandingly that we could not stay. She did return our security deposit and we had lost a set of door keys throwing our clothes in and out of dryer so she didn't charge us for that which was good of her. I am not sure however, how much trouble people who are not expecting a child dealing with a similar situation would have getting out of it.

In all we lost about $600 for matress and box
$350 new bookshelves from IKEA
$200-205 in pots/pans/food we had to throw out.
$44 dryer
$160 to have junk removal throw out all our brand new things.

We have since decided to wrap up the first of his phd program here and move to Montreal with his family.

If anyone wants to verify any of these events or ask me any questions I can be reached at [email protected]

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November 6th, found beg bug when making the bed. Phoned the manager right away and she called the exterminator (from Orkin) immediately. Before I knew it, I was throwing everything into plastic bags because they were coming to spray at 11am that day. Management did an excellent job handling the situation this time.

Well, here are her details. Wish she could spend some time to provide proper services for what she gets paid for:


Submitted by "#1001 - 950 Jervis" on 03/08/2008

that is Cantour Properties and Norgal Investments again. they keep changing the names of the companies... you always loose your deposit with them when you leave. Taryn Brodie went to Yale University. And that somehow means that you shouldn't challenge her--she must be more intelligent and knows better. Don't complain when she walks into your apartment unannounced. She is a "higher level person", a better gene.
(mis-placed at another west end V

ancouver address)

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Taryn Brodie, the owner of 950 Jervis, is also a lobbyist for apartment owners' association. She is too well connected in the government. Yes, she will get away with whatever she wants. You can file cases against her, but you will loose.

950 Jervis Street, Vancouver, BC: In 2007, several tenants found bedbugs in their suites of this 11-storey building. A 6th Floor tenant's suite was infested with bedbugs for several months before realizing what they were, and eventually reported them. Bedbugs travel and as a result, a tenant on the 7th floor got them too. Tenant had to hire and pay for own exterminator to get rid of the bedbugs because landlord was unwilling to properly treat the infestation. Then, another tenant on 11th floor c

omplained to the landlord about bedbugs in their suite but landlord was unresponsive and instead gave the tenant a rent increase! There are likely more tenants with the problem, but these are the three we know about for certain. Stay away from this building!

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