601 Bute St
Vancouver, BC V6E

Found 2 reports:

Had Bedbugs in our suite around January 2010, the management were helpful in getting rid of them but as stated above they just seem to move from suite to suite.

I've since moved out, it was a nice building but it's falling apart from lack of maintenance.

I lived at the Stadacona for a few years and just recently left. Its an old building with lots of gaps so even when this place is sprayed, they keep coming back and travelling between suites. Every suite in the building has had them at one point. People are giving up and moving out all the time, its a shame because it is a lovely old heritage building, but it is ultimately the managements fault for not keeping it up in terms of cleanliness or dilapidation.
They keep saying they will do somethi

ng about it but they don't.

see full report...

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