1380 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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more bugs at 1380 Jervis this is really getting to be a problem and the managment is not telling us!!
started in April 2011

This was a single occurence which was immediately responded to. Tenant neglected to mention that they had travelled overseas. The fact remains that the situation was discovered after their return and it was the only suite in the building affected.

The property management takes these incidents seriously and will always respond immediately to rectify the problem.


Landlord lied and told me there had never been bedbugs when I moved in. apt. 207 was fumigated and I went above and beyond the necessary measures to ensure they would not return. 1 month later, I found a full grown single bed bug that must have come in from elsewhere in the building. do not rent here.

hi, I am looking at bachelor here..it is $900, seems reasonable. I have a portable steam cleaner and a box of borax powder. I currently live next door to a mini hoarder (Pacific/Bute)and I have been successful keeping my place clean. I am confident all bugs can be eradicated with the proper tools. Cheers.

I am reporting another instance of bed bugs at 1380 jervis st.

We had bedbugs at this location but we have just been made aware of more infestations here. The problem was dealt with by management, but I feel compelled to warn others of their presence. The other suite that has them is much more severe and the prospect of the building being infested with them is positively horrifying.

Every possible thing was done to rectify this problem. Its not managements fault if the tenant does report incidents. Its really no ones fault, it just happens!

did u report to the building manager and did pest control company have inspection?

I had a bedbug infestation which was horrible.

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