1376 Bute St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Bedbugs appeared in my unit due to the reckless actions of one said tenant. Tenant purchased used furniture which contained bedbugs. Bedbugs are able to travel through electrical outlets, walls, and other areas which connects units to one another. I have been living in this building for over a year and have nothing but positive things to say about my duration of tenancy. The immediate actions taken by building management to rectify this situation were swift and comforting. Once again, stupidity

is the source of the infestation. Being the second largest city with a bedbug problem, one should be knowledgeable about areas of infestation, and the measures to take to prevent such issues.

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Infestation began when tenant brought in furniture purchased from suspect individual. Management was on top of the situation immediately upon being informed. Connecting apartments were dealt with to bring the situation under control.
The building has had no previous reports of bedbugs.

Bed bug found in apartment. I've lived in the building for over a year and this is the first bed bug encounter. Occurred in unit 29 on September 23,2011.

Starting September 1 2011 bedbugs started appearing in my apartment, biting my room mate

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