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Today, Sept. 23 2015, we had to get our unit 203 exterminated, as did our neighbour in 205 down the hall. Apt. 205 has a full infestation. In our unit we suffered from a few bites, and have seen a few bed bugs crawling across the bed in the bedroom and on the walls in the bedroom and wall in the living room. There is no signs of a full infestation in our unit (such as bed bug poop, multiple bugs at once or eggs). We have never seen more then one bug at a time. We will be getting ride of our w

ood frame bed for a metal frame, we will also be getting ride of our area rug so there is only the hardwood floors. I agree with another poster on this forum, this building and the units are not very well sealed at all. There are cracks in between the floors, walls and baseboards, and no baseboards in the bathroom. This is how the bed bugs can easily move from one unit to another. I wouldn't say our situation in 203 has been sever, but very annoying and doesn't make for a comfortable nights sleep. There's also the stress of having the unsightly bits.

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I got about 20 bug bites. Therefore, I saw a doctor and he said it was obviously bed bugs. And now I found out many reports here that I should have known before I moved in. Do not move into this building. Because I am just a foreign student, I had to pay about 200 dollars to visit the clinic and to get medicine. Even though I have an insurance, it is difficult to spend a lot of money unexpectedly.

Also, this is not the first time we found beg bugs. We just changed one of the beds because we h

ad no idea about bed bugs.

My roommates and I are going to move out and we are living in 4th floor.

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I just found out a few bedbugs this morning,
And I haven,t bitten yet.
But I am afraid of the bug,s raising, I mean spread.
I live on main floor.

There's bedbugs everywhere here. The manager is hard to get a hold of and is rather rude but he calls the exterminators. I got my apartment sprayed but they're still around. If you value sleep, don't move into this building.

There are bed bugs all over this building. The landlord is doing his job by phoning the pest control company but the problem is that the bugs spread before they are all killed. The apartments are not sealed very well so bed bugs can easily escape to new apartments that have not been treated. Also, some of the tenants have brought their infested furniture into the elevators and through the halls to throw away. This spreads the problem to new apartments. I would not recommend moving into any apart

ment in this building as the problem has been going on for a long time now. I've spoken to at least 5 different people (on a few different floors) that all have infestations. I feel like the whole building needs to be treated (all at once) before this problem will go away.

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I lived here resently.
If you someone wants to live here ! don't move in!
Seriously here is bedbugs all of the building.
The manager is useless.I don't like him.
He said that he naver had bedbugs over 10 years.
Because he has an another house! that's why he never know.
I am suffering an allergic reaction to these bedbug bites and anoticeable bumps and red spots all over my body and have been forced to call extaminator..

Don't move in. seriously.
If you want this place you will get a l

ot of trobles for SURE !!

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I was in 205 for 6 months starting in May 2010. I have had no problems with bed bugs. I will be leaving at the end October to live with friends on the other side of town. I'd have no problem staying here again sometime.

Just moved in this building in April. We actually looked on this website after signin the lease and got worried when we read the previous reports left by other tenants.
Everything has been find until NOW (september 15th ) Its been 1 month now that i have been biteen pretty much everyday on my arms during my sleep. Not knowing what it could have been I didnt make a big deal out of it. Until I discovered a mega big bedbugs on my matress. We told the manager right away and he organized a appoint

ement with an exterminator for us 2 days after complain. The treatment was free hopefully. If you have bedbugs let me tell you its a lots of work and the quality of your life is going to get affected. Once you know you have them it gets hard to sleep at night.
Clean up is now done and the exterminator came.
Hopefully we will be find until we'll move out.
I am not staying here for no longer. Seems like there is a major bedbugs problem in the lower part (2nd floor the floor i live on)of the building. Many matress have been taken out as we can see near the bine garbage on the parking outside. No wonder where this phenomena come from. Its sad because my appartement is spacious and wonderfull my suite is #202. Anaway wish you good luck if you get in this building.

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Apt 205 - In early January I found bites on my leg and immediately wondered what they were from. Then after a few days was bitten again and grew suspicious as there were no spiders or mosquitos around. I slept very poorly and 3 days after discovering the bites woke up and switched the light on and found a bug crawling over my sheets. I told my roommate and she told me they had them a few months back and had been treated before. The landlord was notified and an exterminator was organized for

the following week at no cost to us and a second treatment scheduled in for 2 weeks later. I found about 4 dead on the floor but never found the source of the bedbugs. Apparently an apartment on the 3rd floor also had bed bugs at the same time. I moved out straight away as I think the building itself is full of bed bugs at least in the lower levels. Way too traumatizing and stressful.

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I just moved into this Apt room 205. Guess what? I found one!!! I am going to tell the manager.. well I'll keep updating ...

Hey, hats off to the landlords who are actually telling tennants before they move in! I wish them luck. Bedbugs are tough but you can beat them with alot of work. Can take 6 months though... spray vacuum,steam clean, trash, spray, vacuum, steam clean trash etc etc etc....

I asked the building manager if they had bugs when I viewed the apartment. He said the building had no bugs. The landlord called me 2 days before the first of the month to tell me that I can't move in until the 10th because they need to sanitize the apartment. I asked if there was an infestation and she said that the neighbouring suite has bedbugs and they're going to spray mine just in case. Then they called me on the 7th to tell me apt 203 has a severe infestation too, and that i couldn't

have it until Aug 1st, but that it probably still won't be ready.

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