1330 Harwood St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I have lived there a few years ago and the place constantly had bed bugs. My suite did not have any but I was constantly hassled by numerous bed bug sprayings which took alot of time to prepare for and I had to stay out of my suite for a long time.

The biggest bed bug of all is the manager himself. In all my renting life, I have never met such an unprofessional cretin. He did no work whatsoever, and you would have to complain just so he gets off his ass to fix a problem in the apartment. He

even verbally insulted me and tried to keep my deposit money for a false reason when I moved out.

Now I live in a building with a nice landlady and thank god I don't have to deal with that nightmare of a manager anymore!

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Final update: I am very impressed with how the building manager handled the issue. I voiced my concern and he immediately called on pest control. They were very through by spraying three times (10-12 days apart) and also spraying all the neighouring units in the apartment.

It was a big hassle move furniture, wash, and bag everything each time but I thought the manager was very professional and took the right course of action. I haven't seen an insect of any kind (let alone bedbugs) in my apar

tment since the first spray.

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Update: I spent the whole night (6 hrs worth) checking every corner and every inch of my bed for the little critters. Didn't find any more but I showed the bed bug I found to my manager this morning (he lives on the same floor) and he agreed to fumigate absolutely everything including the neighbors. We'll see if we can nip this in the bud. Otherwise, I'll be forced to move and throw away virtually everything (or put them in storage for a year).

I woke up few weeks ago with several bites on my legs. Suspecting bed bugs, I checked every crevasse on my bed and washed all my sheets in hot water. I didn't get bitten again but tonight I actually caught a bed bug coming out of a wall! Going to show the bed to the landlord tomorrow and request pest control.

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