1315 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Mike< why don't you tell the whole story. 1.Andy was a horder who brought all kinds of junk in from the street, he had so many bedbugs that the room had to be completly gutted.(I know because I helped do it)2.Alvena has helped so many people who otherwise would never have had a place to live.It pisses me off to see someone bitch about her. Most times the person who has been evicted still owes months of back rent. 3. She has brought in an exterminator several times with a bug sniffing dog and has

always acted on any complaint, I have seen the bills and and believe me its not cheap(close to $7000). 4. Perhaps you should stop smoking so much pot and clean your room once in a while and be part of the solution. I have done work for Alvena in all the houses that she owns and she is constantly working to keep things improved.Ive also had a chance to talk with the exterminator and he has told me that as long as people keep bringing in used stuff that they find on the corner then the bedbugs will never stop.I have lived at 1301 davie for 6 years and yes there were problems with bedbugs when I first moved in,the exterminator came twice and now ive not seen a bug in 5 years

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This place is crawling with bedbugs. Andy B has been kicked out in July 2012 because he was blamed for bringing in bedbugs. How can one person be singled out. Stay away from any place that Alvena owns or you may be the next victim of bedbugs.
1301, 1309 and 1315 Davie Street plus several other properties. And yes, I have proof and signed letters from previous tenants whom I am trying to help out after they were evicted. Time for a Class-action lawsuit on this landlord. Stay away.

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