1288 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I too had a problem at these apartments last year. After staying in an apartment on the 36th floor for a few days i started to notice bites on myself and my children. I reported this several times to the rental office and each time they would send someone up to look at our beds and then tell us nothing was there. Two weeks after returning home my house became infested with bed bugs which could only have come from that apartment. We needed to have our home sprayed twice by professionals to rid us

of this problem. To this day the management team at the Residences on Georgia have still not accepted any responsability for this.

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Stay away from the 15th floor in this building, it is heavily infested with bed bugs. I arrived to check in here, but after speaking to other guests in the lobby, i decided to go elsewhere. The building staff are aware of this problem, but still check guests into these rooms, disgusting.

I'm curious about the last post, and how the landlord handled the whole situation. Was she/he good about it? My building has the same owners as 1288 W Georgia, and am wondering how they will handle the situation if we have infestation of sort. I noticed like 5 used mattresses in the back of our building, and I'm concerned.

The 11th floor of 1288 West Georgia had bed bugs in early 2007. Before we moved in, the place was empty and had just had the carpets steam cleaned. We noticed red staining around the baseboards in the bedroom but thought it was just a bit dirty. Later we learned it was from bed bugs. We also noticed a few of the bugs on the walls, but we didn't realize they were bedbugs until after we moved in. It was horrible because we had just bought new beds. The landlord had the place sprayed twice an

d after much work on our part (throwing out clothes, bedding, beds, our couch and endless laundry) they've been gone for a year. Lesson: Look for the telltale signs of bedbugs before you move in.

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