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Yes, which floor? Or at least narrow it down to two floors.

what floor?

In early March 2010, I became aware of huge welts on my arms and back. I thought I had allergies, but allergy drugs did not help.

Then one night I felt slight tickling of my skin on my arm and caught a bed bug redhanded. I then checked my box springs around the edges and to my horror found a small nest of bedbugs. We tried to treat them ourselves, with all kinds of recommended remedies, but nothing worked. I was losing sleep every night - feeling them crawling (imaginary or real)on me - m

y partner had no symptoms and was oblivious to my agony.

I finally called a bedbug exterminator in July 2010 and after 2 treatments - I think they are all gone. I have become a neat freak, washing all bedding often and vacuuming more than ever, and I still wake up once in a while with the fear of those creepy crawlies!

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