1265 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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BED BUGS Everywhere... I was told the bedbugs problem was solved.. b***t, they came three times to erradicate them and still having troubles... why because they sprayed my apartment only, when it is supposed to be sprayed the apartment with the problem and the apartments around... I'm moving out and starting a new life new apartment, new furniture... no more issues with bedbugs. No, they are not paying for the new furniture... or for the disposal fee of the old furniture (two years old)

Found bed bugs on my unit on the 12th floor. After a few days the management scheduled my suite to be sprayed, which seemed to help but we are still finding new bites every day. Hoping the second spray will take care of it.

I have been in this building for a long time.There are bed bugs everywhere in this building.The bed bugs crawling on walls, under clothes, dozens of them.Before coming here I asked a company to come with a sniffing dog.They came, and went, and told me that there are no bed bugs but the next morning I having been bit again.They come from the electrical outlets.They are everywhere.Hollyburn owns the building and although they bring in people who spray the problem is never really solved.Be aware!!!

!!they have been letting people move in and not telling them about this problem.
I'm sick and tired of them ,there is no solution for me I am going to buy new clothes, take a shower and move out without any of my personal belongings.
I need to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Found few bed bugs in my place on the 17th floor. Being sprayed this week for them.

I've lived at this location for 5 years now and have been sprayed for bedbugs 6 times, and have caught 23 mice (they kept telling me that the mice were all in my head until I showed them pics of the dead lil guys).
Location is awesome but it's infestation after infestation, rent increase after rent increase.... two things I could easily live without.

8th floor, started a few months ago, basically getting the reach around from the management, shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone who's lived here very long.

My brother is a public health inspector and says if bedbugs have migrated fm one unit to another adjoining and then fm floor to floor, then the infestation is absolutely huge--spraying one unit as it happens will not do... and use of one of the professional pest companies such as Orkin or PCO is needed...

Feb 28, 2010. They have reached the 9th floor. I have caught a few in the very early hours of the morning running on the floor. For $1200 this is just insane. The property managers and Hollyburn seem more concerned about raising the rent than fixing problems. I have given notice and am in the process of moving out.

5th floor / February 2010
We have lived in this building a long time, I had to deal with bed bugs 3 years ago, and this was really painful, it took about 3 month to finally get back to normal. Now we are dealing with this again, we caught it early(not as bad as the 1st time)but still...this is a nightmare!

14th Floor

I've lived in this building for 2.5 years and up until now, was completely ignorant about just how susceptible I really was to getting these things from adjacent, and neighboring suites. There's no way for me to tell exactly these things have been brooding in my apartment, my girlfriend and I began to wake up with clusters of itching, swollen welts all over our bodies, and for some time, never actually attributed it to bed bugs, thinking it was just a rash or spider bites or someth

ing of the like. It wasn't until I actually saw a couple of them running around on the bedsheets, and discovering tell tale bed bug spots (their excrement ie. your digested blood) in the morning that it actually occurred to me that I was dealing with bed bugs. Upon lifting the oversheet, and removing the coverings, I discovered hundreds of them; burrowed deep into the bed frame, mattress creases, and blankets and immediately began researching them and notified my manager, who told me that he had never had to deal with this before, he simply handed me a pre-extermination checklist, and told me that they would come to spray in 3 days. By the time I had emptied all of my closets and washed and bagged all my clothes, as well as moved all of my furniture out, it looked more like I was moving than awaiting exterminators (which I am now in the process of doing). I thought it would be good to knock on a couple of doors on my floor to ask if anybody else had experienced bites or any other bed bug related activity, and to my surprise, discovered that my neighbor had already had his apartment sprayed 5 times, and that another neighbor down the hall had been through it twice. They also informed me of several other suites in the building which they know to be infested by bedbugs, and apparently have been dealing with this issue for some time. This building is infested, if they walked into my suite from a neighboring one, and there have been reports on numerous floors, I can only imagine how extensive this infestation must be. I have since had to discard my bed, couch, and have not lived in the apartment since it happened (what's the sense of buying a new bed and couch to move into a building which has been overrun by these terrors and to have them infest the new furniture). I am still paying rent for a suite which is virtually uninhabitable, and a large financial, and emotionally taxing burden has been placed upon me. It is just before the olympics and finding a reasonable apartment is harder than ever, I had no desire to pack up my life and find another home, but I see no alternative; unless the building is completely fumigated, this problem will never cease, it is my personal opinion that financial restitution should be granted for circumstances such as these, like the other ones I've heard here today. I am not in a position where purchasing new furniture on top of rent, and frantically trying to find a new apartment at the same time as working and sleeping in a friends spare room is desirable. Make sure you talk to managers before you settle into a building like this. My whole life has been turned upside-down in the last few weeks, what a nightmare.

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Unreal. I have lived in this building for a number of years and never had a problem. Until yesterday. My girlfriend and I had been noticing itchy red welts on our skin and even went to the Dr to find out what it was. I finally found a couple of dead ones on my bed, yesterday. Then we flipped up the mattress and OMG> Let me say - we are clean people, almost freakish about being clean and we still got them here. Dozens of them. THEY CAME FROM THE ELECTRICAL OUTLETS- they are IN THE WALLS here. The

nests (2) WERE BOTH on the bed right beside where the plug ins are. THE WHOLE BUILDING IS INFESTED, I GUARANTEE IT. 1265 Bunraby Street - NEEDS TO FUMIGATE THE ENTIRE BUILDING, IN THE WALLS AND BEYOND.

Management IS reacting to the problem quickly and arranged have professionals come in on Monday to help. My fear is that they will be back if they are living in the walls and floors.

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Friday August 28, 2009

I'd lived in the building since April and had never thought to ask about bed bugs before moving in. My boyfriend started getting huge, itchy welts on his arms a few weeks ago. I had heard about bed bugs and decided to look it up on the internet and sure enough the bites looked exactly the same. My boyfriend not being convinced decided to look around abit and sure enough we found one as soon as we lifted up the mattress and luckily he was able to kill it and we put it in

a jar to show the building management. we let them know about the problem early friday morning and they did not spray until the following wednesday. The notice said at the same time they were spraying two other apartments on different floors so I can only assume this building has huge issues with bed bugs! After they sprayed no one gave us instructions of what to do or followed up with us at all. It just seemed like they did not care enough to actually try and get rid of the problem...It is a horrible feeling to have to pack up your whole life into bags and I havent even gotten around to washing everything. The money we've spent on prevention methods like mattress coverings and a steam cleaner just isn't worth it and it says that we should be washing everything at least once a week and vaccuuming every day or so. With all this work involved I really dont feel like this apartment or building is worth it. I've barely slept in the last few weeks and I no longer feel comfortable in my place so I've already starting browsing other living options. I'd just really suggest to anyone to ALWAYS ask about bed bugs before moving into a building! Maybe if I had i wouldn't be in this horrible situation!!

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Bed Bugs are very bad in this location. Hollyburn owns the building and although they bring in people who spray the problem is never really solved. When we moved in the manager at the time told us that the person a cple doors down from us had a couch so infested that when he squeezed the wood, bugs would squish and you could see them crawling everywhere.
NOW we have a roach problem. There are two floors with issues and we finally saw two the other day.

This building has no remorse, Holly

burn is not proactive unless thee is a yearly rent increase and there is zero security in the building.

Bed Bugs are gross but this company is worse, We can not wait to move out.
$1200 per mnth rent and we have bugs everywhere!

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January-February 2008
1265 Burnaby Street - 15th floor
I found tiny traces of blood on my bed sheets several nights in a row, felt itchy and had difficulty sleeping straight nights - until I saw a couple of bugs alive and one dead in the bed. A member of my family living in the other room reported having been bitten twice. That was enough to scare us out and leave.

I start having bites on my arms in July, but I didn`t know what was a bed bug until a neighbour knocked at my door to let me know they had some. That is when I discovered the infestation in my bedroom!!!! I live in my apartment since almost 2 year and I really like it. It`s been a nightmare for the first 2 months we had that problem, they sprayed 5 times. Apparently the whole floor was infested but I'm not sure everyone was doing their best to get rid of it. Also, they let people move in an

d I really don`t think they let them know about it. I saw my neighbour moving out because they had bed bugs and in the same day, after the building manager did a quick cleaning, the new tenant was moving in....
I also wanted to move but was to worry to carry it with me. The best thing is to take care of it I guess and hoping that everybody around you is doing the same. I haven't seen any bed bugs since a least a month and a half and I am just hoping it won`t happen again. It takes so much energy to get trough that.

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I was getting bites all over me and they where in a line. I knew this was a sign of bed bugs so i told my manager and they sprayed. we have been sprayed 6 times now and they wont go away. we have been washing our clother and bedding non stop since june. We now live out of garbage bags and I still have bites. Warning they have been letting people move in and not telling them about the problem.

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