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To the person who said Barafield is a "three story" building: You are either really confused or just a liar. Get your facts straight. It is a 7 story building.

I have lived at Barafield for over two years and have never experienced bedbugs. My only complaint is the rude and unprofessional resident caretaker Ivan Petrov. This man is the rudest, most hostile person I have ever met and many other tenants are complaining because of how rude and unprofessional he is and I know of at least

one tenant who may have moved out because of him! She once told me she was planning on moving because of his persistent rudeness and bullying and I have not seen her for many months now so I think she moved. I am definitely moving out in the New Year if Barafield does not get a more professional and socially intelligent Resident Caretaker.

I know this site is about bedbugs but I wanted to write this to warn anyone who is planning on moving into Barafield. As long as Ivan is the Resident Caretaker DO NOT MOVE INTO BARAFIELD APARTMENTS. He may seem like a decent person at first but trust me (and the many other tenants who complain about him) it's only a matter of time before you see his true colors.

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I think a lot of these reports are fake as 1260 Harwood is a 3 storey building... stop posting here with fake posts you are ruining the credibility of this site which is providing a great service for everyone!!!

There are some fake reviews in here. They are posted by a competitor who lives in some slum in Chinatown. This is a nice building with a beautiful lobby.

This guy named Josh unlocked a phone for me but his apartment was filthy and there was bed bugs all over the walls.

There was blood stains and what looked like old dead bugs all over the place as well.

Avoid this building.

hi if anyone on this board tries the beg bug spray walmart is stocking called blaze let me know. Ive got a prob at my house and want to know if the over the counter stuff works

This building is fully infested with bedbugs. It really sucks. Them manger does nothing. We have been here two years and nothing has been done to helps us. This sucks and we are moving.

I live there on the first floor for 6 months and now I live since 3 months on the 6th Floor and we have Bedbugs, not only me, I asked my neighbours and they had some too 3 months ago. I know that the 5,6 and 7th floor are infected and we have mice and rats too... I will move this week... Discusting. I don't recommend to live in this building.

I have lived in this building for 6 months and have never seen any signs of bedbugs, nor have I heard of any reports from other tenants. This building is a little old-looking form the outside, but it is always very clean and well-kept. The landlord is always very helpful and accommodating and I'm sure he would take any necessary steps for eradication of bedbugs if there were any - though I doubt there even is.

(Aug. 17, 2010)

This place is disgusting, they have bedbugs everywhere, I go in the laundrymat and there are dead ones coming out of the dryer. They have mice in here too. I would not recommend living here, even though the location is great.

For about 5 days I woken up with little red bite marks on my arms and shoulders. Two days ago I came home to find a little cock roach looking bug in my laundry basket so last night I washed my sheets only to wake up this morning with little brown spots on them. I will be calling management today.

About two weeks ago I started noticing red splotches on my body and itchy discomfort. In the middle of the night I woke up and there was a red bug on my pillow. There are red dots leftover on the pillowcases. When I turned the lights I found almost 10 of them in my duvet cover and crawling up my futon. I live on the 6th floor and have been here three years and have a clean apartment. I have never seen this before.
I'm telling management tomorrow. I need to get my sleep back. I have vacuumed and

completely sprayed all areas and it has not worked.

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Please research appropriately. If you find them, report them. You are only allowing them to spread if you don't. Your mattress is done. Throw it away. I did and I only found about 6 of them. That or purchase a $30 mattress cover from the pest control supplier. This will seal in any eggs and the bugs will not be able to escape and eventually die and also make any future flare ups easier to control. Also, vaccuuming does not kill the bugs. That is naive especially if you leave the vaccuum bag in t

he apartment. These creatures can live for over one year without a bloodmeal and their nymphs 6-9 months. When disposing of your mattress AFTER FUMIGATING please wrap the mattress and boxspring in plastic to seal in any eggs so that none can be moved to another unit. The pesticide does not kill eggs and has NO residual effect meaning that when the eggs hatch the pesticide is no longer active. This is why fumigation must be done again atleast 2 weeks later when any eggs will have hatched. I fumigated, washed every fabric item I own in hot water then ran them through the dryer twice then double bagged them in garbage bags and kept them OFF the floor. I also threw away everything that was under the bed and picked everything off the floor to eliminate any chance of dispersed bugs from hiding. This is what pest control needs you to do and you MUST do it or you risk having them come back. To hear other people not practicing due diligence is very defeating. Since then I haven't seen anything and looking forward to the next treatment. Please be responsible. These bugs destroy our lives

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I'm in the 7th floor and landlord called the exterminators to kill them. It was horrible, they were under the mattress, really gross.
But the problem is that management spray only my suite when the whole building has them. I saw mice already and I know mice can have mites and more insects.
I don't know if I should the mattress away.

It has spread throughout I am on a higher floor. I took apart my bed completely last night and there were lots of them in the creases of the box spring. I killed them instantly with the vacuum but I am so grossed out knowing that they were all harboring in there. I haven't talk to management yet because I didn't want them to accuse me of bringing them in. I was trying to deal with the problem on my own by vacuuming daily and sleeping with the light on until I get the proper spray and mattress

cover. I probably will throw out my mattress since I am sure there are more harboring in the bottom of the box spring. I haven't had a good rest in weeks now because of my paranoia. I am glad management is doing something. I will bring it up to them today.

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I have found 3 of them now and reported upon seeing the second one (after researching and discovering just what it was). Fumigation is underway but only to AFFECTED suites, not to the full floor or even adjacent units. A reactive approach that is going to allow the bugs to spread and multiply. I have been bitten I think but what is worse is the paranoia and discomofort I feel living in my apartment that I am paying for. I live on the second floor. Does anyone else on my floor have them or has th

is spread throughout?

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In the last few months I have been getting bites every day on my hands and neck from these friggen bed bugs. I have only caught two so far but they are driving me crazy.

bed bugs in apartment, trying to exterminate them.

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