1250 Bute St
Vancouver, BC V6E

Found 4 reports:


First and second floor are infested in at least some suites according to the bugdog pest control company.

Strongly suggest extra attention to laundry and maybe preemptive mattress cover if you live here and dont want to risk throwing it out.

Bedbugs apparently on the first floor now as well, bug sniffing dog arrives Feb 18/10 to check the whole building. NOT happy having sketchy bug infested dogs dropping bedbugs from other suites in mine.

This building seems to be a bug magnet, was very well known in the west end 1980's and 1990's for bugs, hopefully history not being revisited.

suffering from bed bugs bite since July and just was sprayed only one time. After the treatment, 1 week later got new bites but the manager refused to give us another spray and asked us to tell about that again after 3 weeks later(I could see she didn't take it seriously and tried to hide if from other tenants. None of my neighbors got the spary. I can't trust the manager anymore so I'm gonna get another help on my own.

No nearby bug reports