1234 Pendrell St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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There are no bed bugs in this building. All previously reported incidents have been successfully resolved, and there have been no bed bugs in past two years.

I live in this building. There are no bedbugs here.

I live in this building. 3 years ago there was a report of bedbugs and it was successfully treated. We now undergo annual inspections, which we have passed. There is no evidence of bed bugs or mold, despite what is being posted here.

There's a condo. for sale in this building and it was next to the one that was infested with bed bugs several times in the past year. Wouldn't be surprised if the bed bugs are back and that's why they're selling

This building is so filthy, I'm surprised the health department hasn't been in. Bedbugs, roaches, mould everywhere and management says not thie problem. Several people have developed lung issues......run for your life like we did

Gross..Just moved out in March.....the building is infected from top to bottom.....eew!

Gross..Just moved out in March.....the building is infected from top to bottom.....eew!

3 years ago an owner notifide strata of infestation. An inspector was called and every suite was insnspected. 2 suites had bed bugs and were treated. I talked to the suites that were treated an the infestation is gone.

I have never in my life had bedbugs, but I lived here recently and got them 2 times. eek! I moved.

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