1234 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Hi,I am the new manager of the esticana apartments at 1234 barclay street. Just want to say that the new manager is a man. And its unfair that the date of the current posting is not right. I have been working really hard to make changes here and to see that posting crazy! The myth of the rotten landlord is a thing of the past. We are dedicated workers just like everyone else here to do our job. Its never a easy.job, but can be rewarding on the community within concrete and steel walls. I am up t

o any challenge that faces me here. Nothing is perfect! Depends if we are all willing to work together.
Kind regards,

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The manager has no clue what she's doing, lie lie lie, thats all they give you for your money and energy you spend there, wont help you with any infesting, make your life miserable. Worst year of all my life in Esticana

Don't listen to the management. They are only trying to cover up the facts.

It used to be managed by Wes Group, and its taken over by Crosby Property Management now. However, this still remains a fact: bed bugs took over the building.

The resident manager doesn't do anything more than call in "extermination." The bed bugs come back within a week. We find bed bugs in our couches, bed, bathroom sink, toilet. Just everywhere!

I have lived here for 1.5 years now. That is long enough

. I'm tired of trying to sleep, only to feel my hairs move and think its bed bugs. It's the worst feeling.

Word of advice - Don't live here.

On a side note: Resident manager doesn't do anything when taps, sinks, toilets are broken. And that's ONLY when you can find her in her office

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Dear all,

Esticana Apartments at 1234 Barclay St. had major change in the management and as of the beginning of this year I can tell you there has been a lot of improvements in many areas including the bedbugs issue.

As of this moment we do not have any complaints about the bed bugs.

We had sporadic cases of bedbugs reports but we never had alarming infestation in the building. The current Management team is well educated in this field and is taking all precautions to prevent the pest

from spreading.

Even though we don't have any current reports we will not stop there and we will conduct K9 inspection(dog inspection) in the entire building to assure there are no more suites infested with the bedbugs.

As most people know by now the bedbugs spread easy, and you can bring them to your home from the theatre, staying at the hotel, visiting a friend even purchasing your favourite coffee drink at any coffee shop. Because they spread so easy it is very important to report the problem to your Management company immediately so we could attack the pest at the early phase not letting them spread further.

If you suspect you spotted this critter please contact the Management immediately for an inspection and treatment.

You can contact us as well for useful tips on how to protect yourself and your home from bedbugs.

Thank you,
Resident manager

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I have been living in this building since early 2011.. in the recent months(october thru january) i have had a pest control company in 4 times to spray. The pest control states this building has had an issue for several years but management is too stubborn to deal with it properly and do a building wide sweep through every unit.

My building is full of asians who probably don't understand the severity of this infestation and because some units aren't being sprayed, they do not die out. I k

now for a fact that they are in the walls as i've had all my baseboards and cracks through the building sealed after finding some behind the baseboards. I highly suggest avoiding this building if at all possible as it is not only infested with bugs, but i've had issues with mice running around during the night and the building itself is very poorly maintained.

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I moved this apt last month but cant sleep every single of night so itchy that i cant!
Maneger never back your deposit either not clean up our room!!!!!!

We got a lot of bug bite and we could found millions of bug at our building.
We ask to maneger though they never work on it.
A lot of room throw out bed beside of this building.
The maneger is not responsible that why bugs spreaded whole of this apartment.
The maneger doesnt back your deposit.

There have been waves of infestations of bedbugs in this building in 2007, 2008, and 2009. A substantial number of suites are affected. Also, the management is extremely difficult to deal with, and has increased the rent massively in the past two years, despite the building's many problems. A few sprayings have apparently been done, but seem not to have given much relief.

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