1222 Harwood St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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"Starting last July bed bugs were found at 1222 Harwood street. Several neighbours were affected, some people were sprayed while others weren\'t. (which made the whole process pointless) Completely devasted my life..lost just about everything except my sanity, which probably wouldn\'t have made it either if I hadn\'t just cut my losses and left after eight months of living with everyhting covered in plastic. I realized that no matter how vigilen

t I was....I was just exhausting myself...as this was a city problem. If the rest of the neighbours, managements, communities, city and garabage disposal weren\'t taking this seriously what chance is there in ever really getting rid of this. Being a port/transient city with a growing density of the population due to it\'s beauty, Vancouver can\'t afford to be in such denial about this problem. Wake up Vancouver!"

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