1215 Comox St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I agree with 2 year resident. It could be the bottle lady but my unit is fine. There is very little turn over and moving here so bedbugs don\'t come in. Management seems to keep it to one person per unit which helps keep building bug free. I was lucky to find a place this cheap.

1215 comox st

This building is fine. Lots of abandoned furniture always thrown out back from other buildings might contribute.
Management cleans building every day and property manager is around almost every day.

Bedbug problem might be the resident "bottle lady." She is a handicap person that is very untidy and always in and out of the building bringing in bottles.
Otherwise given the age of the building it is fine and besides the rent is very cheap.
No complaints here

a long time has it in my bed!!
I put my bed in Garbage, but has more!! I don't know where!!!

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