1205 Comox St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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The owner and landlord have been good at getting rid of them. Don't panic. No one likes them; however, if you get them then let them know.

I saw one on the first floor. Don't have them yet but not sure why the landlord isn't telling people about it; tenants know and are talking about it. I'm going to make up flyers if they don't get the building treated or deal with this problem.

On may 10th 2010 I was informed by my landlord in the hallway that the suite above me unit 207 had been sprayed twice for bedbugs after the tenant had moved out. He warned me that I might end up seeing one or two and not to worry about.

The morning of the 11th I informed my landlord that I found one in my bathtub. He said the building owner would come by at 10am on the 12th to lay down a more industrial powder along my baseboards and to leave it still Saturday 15th at noon. The landlord war

ned me not to get it on my skin and to wash it off if I do as well as saying not to inhale the dust but don’t worry it will be fine if the windows were open. I had to sleep 2 nights in this dust with washing all my bedding again. The day of the 12th I asked my landlord if I could move with out notice for june 1st and get my damage deposit back, he asked the building owner and then informed me the answer was no and I would have to pay for the month of June. I gave written notice the 12th to move out and that I`d be ready to move june 1st if they can find someone.

Friday night when I got home from work I sat to use the restroom and one came out from my bathmat towards me. They asked me to vacuum up the industrial powder to get it ready to spray on Saturday but my vacuum was broken so I phoned the night before to tell them he will have to vacuum it before they spray.Then on Saturday I got up pulled out all my stuff from the walls, so they could spray over the apartment baseboards. I was told to be out of the apartment til 6pm. When I got home at 6pm they spray was still damp with vapour in my apartment and none of the dust was vacuumed up it was sprayed over. I was told to leave the spray and mop it up Monday by noon. So I had to spend another 2 nights with the powder and spray in my apartment and around my bed.

They have not informed anyone in the building for safety!!! Now they wont let me move with out notice for june 1st and are staying they will keep my damage deposit and demanding that I pay to advertise the suit. I will be taking them to arbitration for losses and damage. Will post the outcome when it is over. I have taken photos of everything even my bites.

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Apt 209 - The landlord has been good about getting the problem treated. They are taking the proper steps to get everything dealt with and I'm happy about it; the landlord has been working hard to address the problem. The owner of the building is very understanding and together works with the landlord to get the problem dealt with. I'll update when the problem is all resolved.

I moved into a unit (209) that was infested and no one reported it. I almost had moved in all my stuff before seeing them against the wall of the bedroom. The landlord said five days before I reported that my neighbor had seem them against her wall --- why I wasn't alerted that day I don't know. The landlord put down a white powder and I had to mop it up myself (I almost vomited: white powder and dying bed bugs). They called Orkin and time will tell if they get rid of it.

I for one had NO bed bugs in my suite {lucky!, lucky!}, but had seen them from time to time in the laundry room and in the hallway buy the storage lockers. I also saw one suite that did have a masssive infestation, {which I know now in hindsight was the cause of the spread within the building} since that tenent DID NOT report the problem when first seen within their suite. Unfortunetly this is a major part of the problem, not reporting at first sight and landlords taking 0 action when complaint

s are lodged.

Our landlord/management on the other hand took GREAT CARE and I might add absorbed much expense over many months to rid the problem. Our building by the way now has monthly inspection and spraying of common areas and of suites {where and when neccessary} by an exterminator to minimize bug population explosion potentials. Management at least for now has expunged the major infestation our building did have, but this does not mean it can't or won't happen again.

Also building management now keeps information notice posted in the laundry room that explains all about bedbugs and what do when they are seen, etc.

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Sept. 27, 2007
1066 Foul Bay Rd., Victoria BC

We discovered the bugs in our apartment a couple months ago and have been trying to get rid of them ever since...vacuuming, cleaning,laundering, spraying every nook and cranny and piece of furniture. We threw out our mattress too but they keep coming back. I think we are going to move out. I'm horrified and not sleeping well at all. I feel like throwing out everything I own and starting over again. This sucks!

The building manager has been very aggressive and helpful in trying to take care of the infestation in our building. I have noticed way fewer bugs lately but there are still a few odd ones running around.

they suck.

neighbour got sprayed, then they showed up in my apartment. I now feel like a social outcast.

not looking forward to buying a new bed, or moving. although it should be easy, as I'll just throw everything out...

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