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Im so sick of it! If it isnt the ants its the bedbugs. I guess i've been 'lucky' about bedbugs..I few months back I found one crawling on my couch, the next day they came and sprayed even though there was no sign of more in my apartment. It ended there. But clearly they're in the hallways if im accidentally dragging them in. The issue however is that the exterminators are at the building WEEKLY!! I know several people and apartments who have infestation and yet theres no public notice or awarene

ss. No sign or warnings and it's BS! Obviously the whole building needs to be sprayed!! Now for the ants. EVERY apartment in the building has them. I havent left cereal, cracker etc...in my cupboards in 7 years!! Everything must be in the fridge and i cant even leave a garbabe can under my sink because it will be covered!! Its ridiculous. If it wasnt for the cheap rent I would have been gone years ago. I wonder sometimes if that why its so cheap here...to shut us up?!

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I barely am at my apartment and now I find I've got them (at least I think I do). I've got a few bites after spending a night there. I'm choked. I can't believe that this has been going on for 5 years!!!

The apartment manager isn't the most responsible guy around. I never see him around except for the odd encounter on the street. I don't know what I'm going to do because I'm almost never there. If I bag, bomb and spray everything then chances are the bugs will just come in when I'm gone. It

makes me mad that they won't actually spray the entire building. Class action suit? I"m right there.

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Nov 30 2010

found bedbugs the other night. Turns out several people on the same floor had their apts sprayed. My neighbor, between me and one of apts sprayed says he won't let the landlord spray his apt because he has a cat. He uses peppermint oil, taped his baseboards and sleeps on an airmattress. He seemed surprised when I told him that the bedbugs spread through the openings in the wall from the electric heaters that pass through each apt. I'm sure the bedbugs will find safe haven in his

apt and will back in mine once the spray wears off. If one apt is not sprayed, the bugs will be back and this is the major reason why spraying is futile. This is one good reason to not live in a cat-friendly building, because they care more about their cats then the well-being of their neigbors.

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We have lived in our suite for over three years and never had a problem. The recently noticed that suddenly we did. We haven't purchased new furniture or bedding so I can only assume that they have moved from an adjacent apartment. I like our landlord but my biggest problem is finding him, as his voice mail is full and he never seems to be in his office. I am 7 months pregnant so this isn't exactly the best time. I worry about the chemicals from the spraying and we don't have a thousands of doll

ars to throw after this.

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My experience goes back to 2005. I like most of the tenants were unaware of the problem until my unit was infested. I spent 2 months with my belongings bagged and boxed and having numerous sprayings done. A couple of them done myself with stuff given to me by the manager. Which turned out to be illegal as I wasn't licenced to use the commercial sprays. On the advise of the exterminating company the management took it upon themselves to throw out some of my furniture without my consent. The

y later had to replace it because the have no legal right to do this. During this time I was told by management that one unit on one side had had 2 infestations and the other side was just noticing a second infestation. According to Vancouver Health management it to spray not only the infected unit but also the units to either side and above and below. Bugs travel through the walls and bed bugs do not need large holes to go through. Management has the resposiblity to keep the building up to certain standards and one is bug free- it doesn't matter how they got in. Management also ended up paying all costs including cleaning of all clothing. Check your tenants rights!! You should not be paying for your pwn fumigating.

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In which units? I live in this building and am very worried!

I am just coming out of the other end of bed bug hell in this building (and have obviously left). It started May 1st and my place was sprayed twice over two weeks, I bagged and gutted my place, washing everything and rebagging. Vacuumed 4.5 hours a day for six weeks and then paid to have my furniture steamed (was advised that the couch was not a problem, etc) and that I don't have a big problem. Wrong! Ended up paying for removal of furniture and living elsewehere on friends couches (whoever

would be brave enough to have me!) for almost two months while continuing to pay rent. Went back in at six weeks to seal baseboards with glue and then silicone them (to seal the room) and three live bugs bounced out of the wall while we were hammering finishing nails. They came in and bombed the place and advised me at that time that the neighbour's place was infested. Bottom line, they are between the walls and good luck dealing with that! Ended up discarding most stuff and packed VERY carefully with only new plastic tubs and powder to move. It is taking quite some time to settle into the new place and unpack as I am checking every item and treating with heat or steam on the way in. This venture has cost me $6000 cash plus loss of new furniture I bought when I moved in last year and I haven't worked during this period of time. Ironically, the place looked clean and fantastic when I left and I know it will just be rented out to the next victim. Not one word is being said about this situation. It's very hush, hush. I disagree. I I told everyone I knew (including the neighbour that found out since that he's infested too). Come on people, let's speak up and tell EVERYONE. This is not a refection on us, it's a reflection on the fact that the managers and owners of these places are not dealing with the issue or communicating with tenants to be proactive about it! The assistant manager was not even aware that I was moving or had a problem with bed bugs for 2 months when I handed in my keys (and she lives in the bldg too)?????
PS... I still haven't slept through a night yet

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diligent cleaner..... Can you specify which wholesaler you were able to pick up the pesticides from???

I don't live at this location but I have lived at another (close) building that is currently listed and heavily infested. In fact, I no longer live in downtown Vancouver although I still work in the downtown core. My bedbug infestation cost me close to $10,000.00 perhaps more after we destroyed otherwise perfectly good furniture, rugs, books and other property. It cost me a futher $10,000.00 to replace it after a two year moratorium of living on airbags in order to insure that we did not (a)

become reinfested (b) infest others through our comings and goings. We were successful. We lived "plastic bag hell" - all our clothing, and I mean ALL, was in plastic bags for two years. We changed in the tub and put our clothes immediately into other plastic bags for the laundry. We wore the same things day in and day out, all purchased especially for this crisis (and it was a crisis, there is nothing minor about bedbug infestations). We went through two fumigations before we finally figured it out that pretty well everything we owned had to go. What could not be properly washed or put in the freezer (for no less than two weeks I might add) was destroyed or, at best, packed into containers, sealed and left alone for over two years (that is how long this insidious creatures and/or eggs can and do live without food). It was a nightmare. No one at work "knew" even to this day because there is so much stigma attached to this problem and that stigma is really noted in this particular thread. All of your insults, arguing, etc., is not going to do a lick of good. Spend time and educate yourselves on the topic and there is a lot to learn about it and the removal of these pests. There is a spectrum of emotions that go along with this pestilence from revulsion, to anger, to depression, to hopelessness. Follow the rules, get a lot of plastic bags and containers. Save what you can, destroy everything else. Take axes or whatever and dismantle your beds so they cannot be used by others. Call a Waste Disposal company and unload your problems on them; get them to destroy your furniture. Pay pay pay. There are no choices. This thing does not just go away. It takes hard work and if you want to read more sorry stories search Bedbug Refugee in New York. She knows.

One guy I know of in the West End simply sealed his 2nd bedroom shut with duck tape as his "final solution" and did nothing more. I am sure his neighbors have no idea where their problems are coming from.

Try to keep a level head. Don't point fingers. Eliminate your property, the problems, get proper treatment(s)/fumigations and as a last resort abandon ship.

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July, 2008. My apartment on the fifth floor has been infested with bed bugs for about a month now. The landlord said that they had been in the apartment next door and had apparently migrated to my place and other apartments.

After being eaten alive for weeks now (despite spraying domestic insecticide on everything, and washing all my bedding repeatedly) the professional exterminators arrived today to spray the place. Now I see that the extent of the infestation is much worse than I had suspe


The pest control guy suggested I buy covers for the mattresses, as well as do double duty on all normal cleaning activities.

This is seriously disrupting my sleep habits and my ability to work as I work from home.

There is a mantra building in my head..."legal action...legal action".

Has anyone got any experience with pursuing legal action against apartment owners in Vancouver regarding bed bugs that they would like to share?

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Submitted by "Anonymous" on 11/02/2007

1202 Harwood Street, West End (many suites in the building). Have had many outbreaks in many suites over the past couple of years. Repeated spraying doesn't seem to eliminate them... they seem to be moving between the suites possibly thru the heaters.. the heaters run from suite to suite with holes in the walls where bedbugs could travel between suites easily. When they spray one suite, the lucky bugs that might be in the carpet or cracks near this hole

can get out and travel to the next suite to avoid the poison, thereby infecting that next suite. (incorrectly placed at another street location at this site)

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