1200 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6E

Found 2 reports:

I saw a HUGE dead bed bug in the lobby of this building. I've been here for a year and live in the highest floor .. havent had any problems but i think the lower floors are infested

Hi I moved into this building last month and it looked clean when i first moved in and everything seemed fine but on the first night of staying here i noticed bed bugs and TONS OF SILVERFISH, its extremely infested with silverfish. I see atleast 20 every single day and its just a dirty over all building, it has a bad odour that smells like a dead body and ive seen only 1 bed bug but too many silverfish, i couldnt even eat or sleep in the unit and started getting sick. BEWARE!!!! DO NOT MOVE INTO

THIS BUILDING!!!!! dont make the mistake i did, thank god i was able to move out to a clean sanitary place

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