1170 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Didn't see any bedbugs here while we lived here
Moved out because of the dishonest management. They will steal an illegal "cleaning fee" of $100 off your damage deposit.
Even if it's in the contract you sign, it's still illegal.
They are more than happy to let this place run into the ground and don't give a care about it. They take zero pride in the quality of the building, they just want it good enough to draw rent.
Greedy people, avoid them. Same management as before as far as I can tel

l, maybe new owners? Doesn't sound like much has changed.

see full report...

Administration changed in 2012, there are new owners for 1170 barclay street. And they do better job than the previous owners

This building is THE WORST in the city. There are bed bugs in unit a, as well as B & C 100%. Considering the building is so small and there's only one washer/drier they must be in every unit. This building is a shithole and the management is constantly ripping off tenants by illegally deducting deposits.

Since December 2008.
Bedbugs in Apartments A y B. I know there are some empty apartments and no announcements of vacancy.
Maybe that is why: Bedbugs in the building.

Besides bad and really slow administration.

feb 6th 2008 confirmation by pest inspector that bedbugs are present.

No nearby bug reports