1150 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I dont remember having problems with bedbugs when I lived there for 2 years from 2013-2015 but there wasnt a time when Elizabet the manager was not rude with me and everybody else. Once I found her in the elevator with some other people and she started acusing a guy for some bandalism in the area.. Not even the building! Like what does she care and she wasnt even sure just humiliating the guy infront of everybody. She has no manners at all and no communication skills. I cannot believe why she st

ill work there. Once I complained about a loose pipe and she ended up yelling at me about the counter of the bathroom being wet. Really bad experience with management in that building, zero respect for tenats.

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Moved into the building recently. Management is very serious about bedbug issues and was honest about having had to deal with this issue. Very different from other buildings I looked at. They were also very knowledgeable about what to do through having experience. IMO the worst way to deal with bug-infestations is denial and a soft approach.

I looked at several apartments in the building and they all looked clean and well maintained. The kitchens and bathrooms of some are old and could use a

n upgrade, but they were still in good shape. The apartment I ended up taking has completely new flooring, kitchen and bathroom.

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I've just moved to this building too. Yes Elizabeth (the manager) is very rude and understands no logic while talking to her. Whatever you say at the end she say what she has in her mind. There is no customer service in the building. Lots of weird rules for tenants which trust me make no sense whatsoever . Flats are still covered with very old carpets (torn threads) with lots of stains maybe 10 /20 years old.They don't bother to change . If you ask them to change it,they ask you to pay extra on

rent . I start feeling itchy and I think there is bugs in the carpet. I talk to my lawyer and if they are going to continue being rude and careless . I will for sure take seriouse action and take them to court to make them understand when they called managers and receiving a salary , they are fully commited to their responsibilities. And also few days ago my friend who lives in the same building had his I-pad stolen while he was in the shower and his door wasn't locked ( means there are people walking around checking on apartment doors to see if they are not lock to sneak in (so scary) ....

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I agree with comments from other people. I moved in not long ago, and the management is TERRIBLE, very rude, no customer service whatsoever! The head manager Elizabeth runs the building like a Nazi, actually she is from Germany. You have to do it her way regardless whether it makes sense. The elevators are terrible as well(long wait, and once it comes, it closes so quickly that it can hurt you, sure a law suit if happens in US;-).

Yes there were bed bugs in my apt when I moved in. I had NEVER dealt with this before and didn't "get it" because my spouse had all the bites and never me. It took almost a year before we understood and by then it was pretty bad. The management immediately got pest control in and truthfully the guy had a lot of good preventative info to share BUT two treatments (which are totally gross and make you leave for a long time and then return to poisonous fumes etc.) did NOT work.

Only when I ed

ucated myself about the use of diatomaceous earth and how to be totally preventative did it end, And you must be very very very patient because the bugs will go through an emergence process... eggs hatching for 6 - 12 months once they are there. It is nasty but oh well get over it because they are EVERYWHERE. This building is super maintained and clean they do their best I really believe this. I do wish that everyone who rents would be given an honest heads up and an info sheet about bed bugs because it is simply inevitable that you will find this problem.

PS they DO live in plastic (they were nesting in a baby gate under one bed) contrary to what is said. In our case they never entered the mattresses because they preferred the wood frame beds instead. Solution: metal frames

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This building has an infestation that is worse than bed bugs, thefts! We lived there for almost 2 years and in the last 6 months we had 2 loads of laundry stolen (well 75% stolen, they left the items they didn't want such as socks, underwear, but took male/female items including jeans, hoodies, tshirts, etc). Earlier that month we saw a notice in the mail room that someone's Diesel jeans went missing but at the time we didn't think much of it, until our clothes disappeared too.

And in our las

t month, one of our bikes were stolen from the "private and secure" bike room. And yes, they were locked up inside where only tenants have access.

The worst part was when we spoke to the managers we were basically told that we were liars because people in the building don't steal. Well with 26 floors of apartments, I doubt you know everyone. All I know is that my laundry didn't just walk away.
We asked about the security camera that is in the hallway outside the laundry room, hoping we could look at the tapes but were told the camera wasn't real! It's for a false sense of security, apparently.

I'm just glad we left and found a new place in the West End and we didn't have/bring bed bugs, but I would avoid 1150 Jervis Street for the simple fact that you can't feel safe there.

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1150 JERVIS STREET COLUMBIA PALACE APARTMENTS has a terrible and very rude management especially Elizabeta and Predrag are the rude ones

(but except the new manager whom has started recently he is a good guy)

but old rude treating ones are still there.SO please don"t move there!!!!!

I moved out some time ago because of the various issues (most noted below, poor management, rude staff, below standard of providing needed services). This building is large and infestations have shown up throughout the building. Many, if not most, go unreported for any number of reasons. The rule of thumb some have adopted, and I am one, if it's in the West End, the chances are high that there are and will be bedbug infestations. It is a growing plague throughout the Lower Mainland and the W

est End is the hottest spot in town for bedbugs. 1150 has GREAT views. I had a corner suite on one of the higher floors. Fantastic. Super location if you work downtown. Walk. Good solid concrete building, close to all sorts of amenities. Couldn't really ask for me except if there were bedbugs in the building, and there were, you can bet your damage deposit that there still are. Truly, you will have to educate yourself about this disgusting "bug". If you plan to live in the West End, you can make up your own mind, take all the precautions possible and get a place to live. It won't make much difference where you live in the West End, is what I am trying to say. The entire area is infested. Read that as coffee shops and eateries, retail stores, bars, hotels, businesses, medical/dental clinics and yes, public transit. People inadvertently carry this critter in their clothing, books, bags, bodies. Keep in mind the "stealth" factor of the BB. Two people can sleep in the same bed, night after night. Only one person will present with symptoms. The other will not have a visible reaction to the bites. Best advice and it is one I follow religiously, because as it is said, one should follow one's own advice, "once bitten twice shy", so to speak is to ACT AS IF THERE ARE BB IN THAT AND ANY OTHER LOCATION WITH PEOPLE IN IT.

Banks, law firms, hospitals, the BEST hotels in the world, gentile old folks homes, famous retailers, you name it, everywhere, including the frozen depths of Siberia, HAVE BEEN and ARE and WILL CONTINUE to have bedbug infestations.

My BB experience cost me in excess of $10,000, plus the extreme stresses created out of it. I continue to live in a building where there have been reported and known infestations. So far so good. But I live in a haze of Dia Earth (and it works)and constant vigilance. I check my apartment ALL the time. And, yes, I check the cat too. I don't fold my clothes in the laundry room, I don't put my bags down on the common areas including elevators. I live in a BB state of awareness and pro-action.

There is an excellent blog out of NY City by a copywriter who went through bedbug hell. It's called "Bedbug refugee". Not sure it is still on line but worth the read if you find it.

Anyways, remember, "don't let the bedbugs bite".

Too bad about 1150 - it's a great location, great view, but it is no different than the hundreds of other places in the West End - it's been bit and more than once.

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I am considering this building due to its convenient location, close to everything. I notice most of the bed bug reports are all from 2008,2010. Can anyone leaving there now or this year tell me if the situation has been resolved?

bad bed bug infestation
I call managers and after 72 hrs the pest control guy show up
beside to been upset for the pest, the east indian guy is really rude and without any prpoer training or customer service skills
been twice already with this situation and looking forwar to move
the owner Taryn Brodie is well conected to goverment and get away whit most of the complains
I meet a couple at the laundry and they had the same problems
floors afected 8.10-11 and 22,26

On tonight's news March 18 2010
There is a big infestation of Bed Bugs in the
entire west end. So be on the look out.

We have moved in this adress few days ago. We have found many bed bugs. We use Raid. But it is not so effective. We are going to move out in 10 days. We hope we won´t bring bed bugs to new house.
We are in 15th floor.


what do I do about this?

23rd floor

email me [email protected]

I am on the 16th floor and have these. I know 3 other friends in the building and they also have these bugs on the 7th floor, 12th floor and 22nd floor. Does anybody know the full procedure for getting rid of these? Exactly how much furniture etc. do you have to move to spray? Now I have to put out another $400 for another matress when the one I have is practically brand new. The building should deduct it off my rent.

I was doing my laundry the other day and I saw Bed Bug\'s on the washer and on the green table Ijust hope none of them got onto my clothes. My apartment is clean and I don\'t want a repeat of Bed Bug\'s

Within the first month of moving into this apartment I am seriously considering leaving, I wake up every morning covered in itchy marks on my body, great, being a student and worker is already hard enough now I have to come up with the money to move out and I will throw away everything I own..

It's September 25th 2008. It's 6a.m. and I got a visitor (non-human) in my bed 3 hours ago. We live on the 26th floor of 1150 Jervis St. and I woke up around 3a.m. to get a glass of water and when I came back to the bed, I noticed a bug high-tailing it for the headboard. It was about a quarter inch long. I thought nothing of it, other than to kill the creature and go back to bed. Well, when I squashed it, 20 quarts of blood squirted out of it (A slight exageration, more like 40). OMG, bed bugs h

ave made it to the 26th floor. Well from what I've read in this website column, we're completely surrounded by these mini vampires. I guess I'll sleep in the living room tonight and find out where I have welts on my body, sometime this afternoon. On the bright side, at least it's not mosquitos or spiders and they only come up for a feed every couple of weeks. ......Oh I just noticed, I have 3 welts on my arm .....Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Another dine and dash! Well, good luck everyone, you'll need it.

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I have noticed for sometime Bed Bugs coming from the hall way into my apartment If your serious about controlling the Bugs I would spray every hallway a person leaving or going into an apartment brings them with them not knowing

It will take years to get them out. People moving in can bring them and people moving out can bring them to the new address

Wake up Sick of Bed Bugs. It is illegal(you can thank the government) to spray the entire building. It is only legal to spray for bed bugs AFTER they have been found.

Why is it when you have to get rid of beds etc they have to be sealed plastic. and on the other hand people moving in don't. Thy could be bringing Bugs from there old address. Are new tenants advised before they even move that this building has Bed Bugs

Update on prior post: Management actually acted quickly and swiftly after the initial response. No sightings of ongoing infestation, yet of course, but keeping a watching eye open. The thing to do is clean clean clean everything. We got rid of all our bedroom furniture and spent an entire weekend washing, dry cleaning vacuuming everything and everywhere. To note: regardless of what the building owner\'s approach is, the on-site managers at this building are indeed caring and responsive peopl

e, and one has to remember that they too live here, so obviously they care about what is taking place in their home as well!

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1150 jervis always slip a paper under your door for things such as windows being washed etc

Did they not think it was important to slip a note under your door advising to keep a look out for bedbugs and tell the manager So they could be sprayed as early as possable. But they didn't which allowed the BedBugs to get a head start

To say it's not managements fault is a little ridiculous. They play a role. If 1150 had sprayed the entire building (rather than suite by suite to save money) they may not have had such a terrible problem. Furthermore, as someone who spent months searching for a place to live, I want to emphasize the deception about bed bugs. No one tells you there are problems but those tenants *especially when you are taking over their lease* are usually leaving due to the bed bugs. IT's entirely unethical for

me to then move in all of my new furniture and my life only to get swarmed with bedbugs. The previous poster needs to take a step back, use some common sense and have a heart.

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1150 Jervis Street, Columbia Place

Bedbugs spread from laundry room to 3rd floor to 12th floor and all i know is the responsibility is not taken by either government (tenants\' rights people) and the management. So, all i\'m saying is this WILL become epidemic (which looks like it\'s already is) then everyone will live with this blood sucking bugs...
Evacuate the apartment as soon as possible or do not rent from here!

As anyone who has read a news paper or listened to the news would know. Bedbugs are a world wide epidemic right now. It is not just a problem in a particular building(s). As anyone can see there are many buildings listed in the West End with bedbugs, and I am willing to bet double or triple that amount have bedbugs.

Bedbugs do not just magically appear in a building, most are happy hitch hikers moving into a new building with tenants. Or brought in with used furniture or clothing. Or retu

rn with a tenant from that great around the world vacation. To put the blame on building management for the appearance of bedbugs is childish and simple minded. And to expect a building to advertise that they have or had incidents is equally rediculous. I think that if bedbugs are known to be in a suite they responsibility to make sure any infected suite is treated before new tenants are moved in.

Additionally, many tenants are embarrassed to admit they have bedbugs, and do not report incedents. By the time management finds out the suites are completely infested and the problem is much harder to deal with, or worse yet, has infected their neighbours.

I suggest that the people who have posted for this address and others maybe take a step back and think about the cause of the problem, and realize that these little visitors are very hard to treat and can take months to get rid of. It is not managements fault that these bugs appear. But good management such as 1150 will act immediately upon learning of a problem. I know from first hand experience that it was taken care of immediately and the managers did a great job providing information and scheduling of pest control services. Including, the service man coming on his day off after hours.

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Over the past couple of weeks my partner has been noting blotches on his skin in the mornings, and we've joked (it's not joke) about there being bed bugs. I had thought it might have been allergies, as I wasn't having any symptoms whatsoever. So I finally checked the situation out, and immediately saw the tell-tale signs. Now by chance, a bulletin has finally gone up in lobby of the building (just a small sheet, posted in only two locations), But this is a 27-story building, so this has prob

ably become a full infestation.

The memo posted is pure bullshit, as it does not indicate that there have been any reports in the building yet (obviously not true) but they want people to take steps to ensure that the building remains free of the bugs.

Such liars! We can't believe this is happening, and the worse thing is, our saga is only just beginning. I'm going to keep posting here so that we can document what is surely just the beginning of our nightmare.

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Taryn Brodie, the owner of 950 Jervis, is also a lobbyist for apartment owners' association. She is too well connected in the government. Yes, she will get away with whatever she wants. You can file cases against her, but you will loose.

Infested with Bedbug's in December 2007. The management company is very bad "Terrible" at this apartment.

Infected apartments 806,805,801, and there are many floors in the build that have Bedbugs as well. However the management is trying to keep it a secret!

The pest control company is "Abell Pest Control".

Good luck if you are planning to live here!!

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