1137 Bute St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Don't use anything other than Ultimate Bedding Encasements... they really are the most effective Bed Bug cover products available on the market.


also they have the only BED BUG POWDER that is Health Canada Registered.

Call them at 604.628-1925 and they will DELIVER IT TO YOUR DOOR.

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**Update** The building manager is awesome.. he got us Canadian Pest Control immediately and even posted a notice in the front lobby to inform all tenants.

When I read other peoples storys it is scary to see how many managers just don't care. At least my building manager is willing to go to any length to make sure the problem doesn't spread and is dealt with right away!!

I was informed by a tenant (from the third floor) in the elevator that he was having major bed bug infestation problems (insert look of horror on my face!!). I immediately notified the manager incase he wasn't aware.

He told me that the unit above his reported bed bugs but that he had to ASK the third floor apartment (which is conveniently located right across from mine) if they had a problem as well and it wasn't until then that they admitted to the problem. Wonderful.

So I looked through

my stuff and found 1 bug on my shirt, 1 other apartment on our floor has them, and one below on the second floor has them.
I am so thrilled.

I can't sleep, I feel sick to my stomach! I thought growing up that bed bugs were just a myth since I had not heard of them until coming to this damn province.

We are getting sprayed on Monday and again 2 weeks later and I hope to hell it works.

It's kind of scary looking at the map of the lower mainland on here and seeing tons of red dots in the West End.

Where the hell have I moved!!!!!!!

see full report...

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