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I just stayed in Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver for 2 nights (Jan 25-26, 2008) and was bitten by bed bugs. My friend and I both had hundreds of bites. When I called to complain and ask for a refund, the manager told me bed bugs were a major problem in the city. She also said at the hotel they had outbreaks about once every six months, but she wouldn't be able to offer me a full refund until I provided photos. When I sent the photos the hotel came back with some story about them ha

ving just received a "clean bill of health" on the hotel room. This is BS. They never offered to show me the clean bill of health and if they did - I AM NOT CRAZY. If she admitted they have breakouts every six months, it is obviously time for a new pest control company. I kept calling to demand a refund and they finally issued me one; however, they claim that I made this up and never issued a letter of apology or anything. DON'T STAY AT THIS DUMP. Please investigate further. We were in room 1005. I'd be surprised if no one else called to complain since then.

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Bought a couch in Kits June 2007. A friend sat my cat for xmas break, had wealts on her face the size of a quarter. My boyfriend developed what he thought was scoriasis, until we looked under our mattress to find the telltale bloodspots.
Friggin Nasty

Bed bugs in Madison Heights Michigan appartment buildings. Not one or two but thousands. They range from tiny to the size of a sun flower seed. They are fast and can live up to a year without food waiting for its next meal.
They hang on your shoes and clothing transporting them to new locations. YUCKIE!!!! And so very very hard to get rid of. Cock roaches are a ease to kill compaired to these things.

A follow-up to my earlier report... I contacted Van Bed Bug Control, spoke with Mark he was very helpful, sounds like they are thorough. Called my landlord, he admitted the building has had a few problems with bedbugs. Didn't seem worried, has called IPM. Their service doesn't sound as thorough so I'm a little worried... we are moving in a month and I don't want to take these critters with me!

November 2007, found bedbugs on boxspring. Estimate that we've been infested for a few months, just didn't know it. Started seeing black dots on sheets that didn't wash out, smears of blood (my husband thought it was the acne on his back!). I had a welt behind my ear one morning which led me to start searching for a cause. When I picked up the dust ruffle on the boxspring, there they were!

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