1111 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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My apartment was infested with bed bugs when I moved in half way through October. Old, dead bed bugs indicated that there was an old infection that the building managers obviously knew about. When asked, the racist building managers said that they were there because the previous tenants were mexican.

Building managers are liars. They said that there hadn't been a report for years, and when I confronted them they admitted that they were lying. The rent is cheap for a reason, avoid at all costs

. Everything we had became infested.

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What suite number did this happen in??

What suite number did this happen in??

I rented the apartment for the 1st of September 2015 and I was told the unit is bug free. After about nine days I have discovered evidence of bedbugs in and around my rental unit even though most of my belongings have been sealed and unpacked.

I’ve had serious bites, stings, irritations and sores caused by bed bugs, and my belongings also have been effected. I had really hard time with this unit. The suite was so infested, and I moved out quickly couple of days after. The building mana

ger and the company refused to return back the last month rent I put down when I moved in. They tried to justify and told me that there are bed bugs anywhere!

Not recommended at all!

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I live here. When I first moved in, I was concerned about bed bugs, and had a hard time sleeping. After being here for over a year, I've never seen any evidence of any problem at all.

There was a mouse once in the basement, but that's it.

I was thinking of moving here.. whats it like now??

This building is sick. My friends lived here at the same time I did in late 2009. While I was having bed bug problems in my suite and the crazy manager was blaming me for it. My friends were told they had to leave their suite for a month because their suite was sooo infested that it was considered a severe health hazard. we all moved out around the same time because even with many suites on many floors reporting severe infestations, the manager and the management company refused to take any effe

ctive action, telling the tenants that there was no real problem and it was all their fault. I know that at least 3 suites moved out that night and I can't imagine how many more followed, but I know that of the three moving out that night, not one got their damage deposit back. The manager of this building PREYS on new immigrants, students, young people and anyone who is vulnerable. One day Karma will come back to her.

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Any Prospero managed building is shit as far as I am concerned. Ya hear that Prospero??!!

I used to live at 1255 Pendrell street back in the late 90's and it was cockroach city then.
The Large ESL population in the building did not help as they were often very transient and often lived 4 or more people in a tiny apartment.

Building managers and Property management companies need to be more accountable. Maybe if we start taking them to court they will listen.

I was in apartment 1108 for two long years early 2000s. The first year it was roaches ... in the bathroom, in the kitchen. It creeped me out entirely.

Year two was even worse. Bedbugs. Didn't know it for a long time either - but my mattress was completely infested and I was covered in bites. The doctor at the clinic thought I had scabies. The whole experience was psychologically devastating. Steer clear of this building. It makes me really angry to look at the postings of all the pe

ople that followed me having to deal with the same circumstances. The City should do something about this place!!

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There are bed bugs in this whole building my girlfriend and I moved out because of it. The manager refuses to spray the whole building only unit by unit. The pesticides used are dangerous too and ineffective since the problem is so widespread. Best to avoid moving into this building unless you want to be bitten by bugs all over your body while you sleep only to wake up with fresh welts. Dealing with the landlord at this building is extremely difficult. Like the poster below said, if you move

out early or because of the bugs, they will keep your damage deposit, making up such deductions as "blind cleaning fees"

Absolute B.S....poster is right below, your better off being homeless

For over 1000$ a month this is such a waste of money its not even funny.

Other problems with the building:
-The elevator is from 1922 and barely works. -There is a big pile of matresses and other furniture in the tiny dirty underground parking lot beneath the building with a sign saying "do not touch bedbug infested items" (yet still management when asked denies a bedbug problem in the suites, blaming tenants instead).

Stay away from this shithole!

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I wish I had known about this website before moving into this disgusting building. I am now dealing with the bedbug problem and the Manager just blames the tennant. She said maybe I'm imagining it and maybe I have personal problems... ehhhh? I tell you what is not imaginary... the bites on my and my daughter's bodies!! The "fumigator" she brings in is some dude with a can and a little paper mask and he sprays a bit here and there and then reports that "there is no activity" in the suite... but t

hat same night I caught two more bugs making their way to my bed!! and got more bloodstains on my sheets!! Please, Please... dont move here! Especially if you have kids. there are at least 4 children in this building now (some newborns) and the pesticides are more harmful than the bugs. This takes a horrendous psychological toll on you and your family. From the first day I reported them the manager has been very very careful to assign blame on me, not the building, and the management company wont even respond to my email. Oh yeah... They also have a policy, that if you break your lease they keep most of your deposit.. and the rest they keep for "blind cleaning fees". So if you move out because of the bugs... kiss your deposit goodbye!

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Dont MOVE HERE>...I live here now....we all have bedbug bites all over our body....you are better off living in a park.....Im a dead serious...dont waste your money....please listen...its the worse....the building is infested beyond control...this building should be closed down and sprayed thoroughly....

Oh and the realtors continue to increase the price

Sat. Sept 27/08

First noticed eggs and bug in the seams of the back of my couch. I was vacuuming the heck out of it b/c we just had a mega cockroach infestation, at first I thought they were baby cockroaches, but after looking at pictures online they are DEFINITELY bedbugs.

We have bedbugs and cockroaches, it's really frustrating b/c treatment seems futile as the whole apartment is not being treated, and I imagine many people don't even realize that they have bedbugs.

1111 barclay st. Aug 25th 2008. woke up with my matress infested with bed bugs!!! landlord reported that my nieghbor recently had the same problem!

Had bedbug bites December 2005; wasn't aware of pre-existing infestations before then, but apparently, there were are few years before. Finally identified as bedbugs in April 2006, 2 exterminations, still infested until moving out. The sheer age of the building and wood floors make any extermination short of DTT almost impossible.

I lived in this building many years ago and at that time it was infested with cockroaches. I mean every freakin night they would crawling out in my bathroom. Sprayed the legs of furniture then moved the heck out of there before they were able to lay eggs in the couch. Do NOT get a room at this place.

Submitted by "free" on 05/08/2008

I was amazed my building is not on the list. Mine is 1111 Barclay St. This building is horrible and many people have been bitten. The bedbugs came out again this month even though I got rid of all of them last September (posted on another Vancouver address).

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