1110 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I recently moved into the same building and have not experienced any bedbugs, I have not had any sort of issue.

I found bed bugs in my room at 102- 1110 Davie street about 2-3 weeks ago (current date December 9, 2007). I have since put my mattresses in plastic liners, put all furniture on bricks wrapped with packing tape backwards (so the bugs will get stuck trying to climb up), have sprayed rubbing alcohol intensely on the carpet and all corners of my room every three days, put rodent traps (sticky pads) along the entrances to my room so that anything crawling in or out will get stuck, have washed my lin

en three times and bagged everything I own into garbage bags and have vacuumed continually - and i still have bed bugs!

My roommates and I are currently negotiating extermination with our landlord. He is a cheap man who got in a fight with the exterminators and canceled our appointment to be exterminated.

As it stands now, we are researching our rights as tenants and what the responsibilities of our landlord are.

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