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I wrote the post below. I also want to post that as of late April 2011 another unit a few floors above ours had an infestation also. I have spoken with the tenant but want to put it here so other tenants are informed of the problem.

We had a infestation at this location between October 2010 and February 2011. we were initially refused treatment by management because their pest control company could not visually locate the bugs. We however know that both the pest control company and the managers knew of two other infestations on our floor at the same time. Very nice of them to leave us getting bitten and searching for bugs for a month. We found a single bug one about a month later has a ridiculously hard time dealing with ma

nagement, went trough several treatments with no success even with extensive preparations. We had a hard time locating where the bed bugs were coming from but did find a few in the unit, of course we were still getting bitten. We ended up getting a heat treatment to rid the unit of them after 5 months of hell this is the only thing that seemed to work.

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this is Colleen, the prior 14 year resident manager of Westland Towers from 1996 onwards.
I have just read the comments on this board

I would like to clarify that the washer & dryer in the small laundry room, in asement laundry room belongs to ME, bought & paid for.

As I was on leave, from work, aug 09 - aug 10 I was unable to pick them up yet, since end aug 10 ... and was recently attempting to make arrangements, with managment to pick up my stored articles at the buil

ding, as I do not have access.

I am appalled at the disrespect, and 14 years of hard work & dedication at Westland Towers that the management has allowed MY PERSONALLY OWNED PRIVATE washer & dryer to be used for bed bug cleaning purposes.
I expect to be reimbursed $$$ so that i may purchase a comparable washer/dryer set.
Thank you to my long term tenants for making me aware of this.
I will take this up with the management company.


[email protected]

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I've created a posting on the forum that will show the letter I intend to send. Look for it in the next few days. Would appreciate your input.


P.S. I never saw your email. Maybe it ended up in my junk mail.

Hello all, I am the one that made the first post and I did send you an email curiousgeorge, and I did not get a response from you. I will say this about my experience it has been hell and granted I have not seen any of them in a long while, but I do not use my bedroom any longer the door is always closed.

One thing they told me when it started is that they would be checking the whole building, I still have the email, obviously they didn't.

Anyone else get a rent increase, makes you wond

er how they can justify it. We need to contact the owner of this building to tell him what type of job they or doing, or not doing.

Contact me ay [email protected]

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Yes, indeed it's incomprehensible how little they care. I'd love to strap the management to my bed for a few nights in a row and see if they'd be singing a different tune after becoming a human feeding station.

I've just created a forum so all building tenants can learn, and voice their experiences. Hopefully through this we can have one loud voice when contacting the proper government authorities.


wow. that's ridiculous. it's time to call the city and get the bylaw officers involved. they are breaking the bylaw about Standards of Maintenance section 4.12 and 4.13. as well as sections of the RTA regarding the broken lock.

If anyone's interested...

The phone number for the City of Vancouver Property Use Inspector is (604)873-7398.
For reporting infractions against the Vancouver health by-laws contact Vancouver Coastal Health at (604) 675-3800. i dont think they would mind an anonymo

us call if it will bring in some money for the city.

if colliers doesn't want to address the issues, then they can pay the fines until they change their minds.

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I previously wrote the posting with the email address below. Noone did contact me unfortunately. Nothing like solidarity, eh?

Anyways, it was me, a tenant who called in the BB sniffing dog. Don't think for one moment Colliers would foot the bill for this. We've gone through 3 months of hell not being able to locate the things. The management basically refused to do anything until proof was found. Cost almost $200 for this, plus the countless other preventative measures we've paid for al

ong the way.
I forwarded the findings from Orkin to management now that the dog has positively found the bugs. As of Sept 30 till Oct 5th I've phoned and left messages with absolutely no response. This doesnt surprise me as communication isn't the new managment's forte.
Knowing nothing will be done, I've contacted BC tenancy branch and logged a complaint. Also filed a complaint about the broken front door.
The management just doesnt care. Think back to the elevator - it was out for nearly 6 months.
Cooincidently I started seeing cockroaches in our suite around the time I started seeing homeless in our building. I've been here 8 years and never seen 1. Bedbugs mid-summer. I am beyond pissed.

Yes, I did complain numerous times about the street people in our building... but I'm sure it wasn't this that changed their minds. Happily I too have not seen undesirables inhabiting the building lately.

I cant take their willfull lack of respect for the tenants anymore. I am going to look into the possibility of a lawsuit, hopefully if their is any merit I can arrange a class action lawsuit.

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The bed bug sniffing dog was in this morning but didnt have a chance to see what floor he was on... Colliers LEGALLY has to tell the tenants what is going on, but of course they don't because they think we dont know our rights.

I have a feeling the bedbugs were brought into the building when Colliers leased suites out to a company who used the suites for rehabilitating former drug users and homeless people trying to get back on their feet. (This happened after the Olympics, when the suites w

ere empty after they rented the suites out during the Olympics) Some of those people unfortunately relapsed, hence the constantly broken front door, the random hookers calling to be let into the building, doors always being propped open, feces and urine in the stairwell, drug paraphernalia all over the property - inside and out, the disgusting smell of crack and meth when walking in the back door.

I digress. A few of the aforementioned were consistent dumpster divers and did bring in furniture, clothing, and other materials from their excursions. Although I know it is just as likely for someone to bring home bedbugs when traveling, after living in the building for several years with no issues, it seems HIGHLY coincidental that the bedbugs show up the same time that Colliers leased out suites to those creating an unsafe living environment for our building.

I am not sure if someone has made a complaint, or if Colliers has just kicked them out, but I have not seen many of the recovering tenants (for lack of a better description) these last few weeks. I do know this building does have an infestation of mice, silverfish, and ants. Thankfully its only in the basement and main floor. Colliers has been extremely irresponsible in the handling of those infestations, and it seems they are doing the same with the apparent bedbugs. I am checking with the tenant board to see exactly what our rights are, and will keep this board posted. If we do not receive any notice from the manager within the next week or so about what is going on, I won't hesitate to bring this matter to the appropriate authorities.

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The new management of this building saw fit to rent out several suites to a "half way house" type company. Housing for drug addicts and homeless. I have talked with several of them. They have their own washing machine and dryer(free for them) for clothes and bedding so that they don't spread the bedbugs they brought into the building. This was fully admitted by a resident in the program. Management has been denying the problem for almost a year now.
September 30, 2010
This morning I enter

ed the Elevator as a Bedbug detecting dog team was exiting.
It's hard to deny that.

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To the poster below:

How how the treatment worked for you?

We are thinking to move out, as my friend has told me stories of his experience of the never-ending battle with them. Eventually he moved out.

I was hoping you'd contact me at the email I provided. We must have them, but the pest control says otherwise. Was hoping you might help identify, or at least let us know if your bites look the same as ours.

Without proof, they won't do sh*t.

yes since Colleen left it has been bad. They are taking care of it but i cannot handle it. I cannot sleep, i am beside myself because i am very clean.

I think i have them too, but have found no evidence yet. Ever since the last manager left, the building upkeep has gone to hell. we started seeing cockroaches months ago too. Was never like this before.

I'd appreciate the poster above to contact me at this email address: curi[email protected]

I'd like to get your help. Thanks

*You do know the management legally needs to take steps to eradicate them i hope.

i am the one that posted the post below, I have just learned of this site and have been reading the various post. I am a little confused as to many say thaey have lots of bits but cannot find many of them. I have not been bitten yet, or at least no marks and I believe it just happened in the last week and Ifound hundereds of them on my bed. Also at the head of the bed when I moved it from the wall there were hunderds of new eggs all along it. They can lay up to 300 at a time and to one poste

r that said they can live to about a year without food, actually it is more like 18 months. Since i ound them I have nott stopped itching. i threw my bed out before telling the management, Colliers, but took pictures of it so they can see. I know they will blame me and all's I can say is bring it on.... i hate this place so much now, i need out of here.

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Sunday morning August 29, 2010 at 9 am I awoke from a dream, a dream that i was sleeping and i had bedbugs, when i woke, i was itching, but no marks, proceeded to look online and than inspected my matress and low and behold they were there. This is the worse feeling, they are disgusting and vile. I immediately discarded my matress and box spring, to which someomne took today, now no bed to sleep in. Actually i cannot sleep casue of this. GROSSSS

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