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Vancouver, BC V6E

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January 2016: Long time resident, for seven years. This is a respectable, well-maintained building and the manager a first class lady. Slept using the same mattress for 4 years without any discomfort until getting 3 itchy bite marks on my back, initially thought to be acne. Suddenly I discover a bedbug scuttling across the floor, and lift up the mattress and more are lining the ribbing. I work in an affluent, hygienic modern office building so I am suspicious the problem is internal within this

ancient apartment. There are plenty of ways bedbugs might get in from adjacent suites since there are many cracks and crannies, and an antiquated radiator system with pipes snaking their way through the various floors. Notified management and they are bringing pest control to contain the infestation. In the process of expensive, time-consuming, sanitation-laundering procedure of everything. The apartment is in turmoil. It's as intensive as moving. Awaiting further developments/results. This is my first encounter with bedbugs and hope to make it my last.

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Moved out of this building because of the infestations (always mice - because the building is old and the walls unsealed - no matter how clean you are, and often bedbugs - because they only spray the apartment affected and they spread in the meantime), the noise of the heating system (when it worked), but most importantly because of the deplorable behavior of the landlord and staff. They absolutely do enter your apartment without permission or warning. I often found things moved around, or my do

or unlocked. I had my neighbor keep an eye on my suite when I was at work and caught them at it a few times (you can hear everything through the walls). They do repairs for things that are not requested or brought to your attention when you are not there and in the process destroy your property. I finally moved after years of living there because they destroyed most of my furniture after tearing the walls out when I was on holiday - without telling me or placing coverings on anything. It may seem like a good cheap option, but there are better buildings to live in with far more privacy and better management. Who wants to go to court over where you live?

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I stumbled upon this site, and out of curiosity looked up the very building I live in.

This is my second time in the past five years living in Vancouver. When I first moved to this city, I lived in this building. When I came back to this city, this is the only building I wanted to live in, and I am currently living here again.

- I have never had a problem with bed bugs or any other kind of bugs
- I have never had a problem feeling safe here
- If I have ever had a problem with my suite,

it's been addressed pretty quickly (the building is over 100 years old, there are going to be things which need fixing from time to time)
- Hannah (the building manager) works her ass off on a daily basis to keep this place as up to date as possible.
- As for the noise... it's a 100 year old building in downtown Vancouver... I don't know why people are surprised when they can hear things.

- The worst thing about this building is the amazing people who live in it. If you can overlook the noise and random upgrades, you will find some of the best neighbours possible here. This is home.

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If you have choices, do not live this apartment for the following reasons:
-Lots of bedbugs
-The building manager is not responsible
-the handyman gets into your suite without permission
-Very noisy

When I lived in this building there was NEVER any management's on duty during the weekend.
Loud partisan people yelling through the hall ways the weekend manager Louise is really stupid although she and her just as stupid boyfriend think there something special.
The best thing to do if you have assumes in this building is to call 311 and get a city building inspector to come and have a look at your rental you may even get a couple of months rent back.
The number is 311 Do not believe a word

out of Hanna Wilds mouth she comes across as a good person but in reality she is nothing but a con.
THE city should fine the owners for every complaint the city gets.
The number is 311.
Also get a Webcam Louise and Hanna go into people's apartments when they are not home I have Hanna on film entering my apartment.
THAT is called breaking an entry.

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filthy building

I have lived here for a while and while I have only had minor problems, my neighbours had a pipe burst, and there are bed bugs in various suites. Hanna does clean but one can only do so much with an old building. And my neighbours moved in and broke their lease. There is a lot of turnaround. And it's not that cheap for what you get. I can't recommend this place. If you didn't have an experience with bed bugs, you got lucky. Many did.

I have also lived in the building for a year, and have never seen or heard of a bed bug problem. I've asked around and haven't heard of anything either. Hanna and the team keep the place clean.

I once saw a mouse in my apartment, but never, ever again.

I've had some pipe problems and a little flooding, and have heard of other suites having similar problems. Sometimes I find they're slow to get repairs done, but they are fairly accommodating and Daryl is really great.

Just wanted to say I have lived in the building for a year, and have never found a bed bug. There are people on site daily, constantly cleaning, and attending to the needs of tenants. I have found the management to be extremely attentive to any concerns, and Hanna is fantastic. Low turnover in this building and feel grateful to be here especially when I hear my friends talk about their buildings!

bed bugs and poor building. renter to renter to let you know. lip service from "office"... bed bugs!

Dear "foundouttoolate" If there is a problem with your shower head leaking or any other issues, we would definitely appreciate telephone call in the office. We are on the premises DAILY to assist people. It would be simple to fix your shower head, if we would know, in which suite the problem exists. Report to our office,please.
Management of Strathmore Lodge

Well, I moved in and then found out that other suites on my floor have had ongoing issues with bed bugs. I had a disturbing chat with one of the neighbours and apparently my unit has had bed bugs. I am scared to completely unpack so I kept my stuff and clothes wrapped up. There is also a problem with my shower leaking and the tenant below me came up to tell me how there is water in there suite when I take a shower. So I am uncomfortable here. I didn't know about this site until someone ment

ioned how this particular building has a lot of complaints. I would have liked to know.

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This is a good heritage concrete building. Very cheap rent for this location makes virtually no turnover here. I used to live here in late 80;s, went travelling and now was lucky enough to move back in.
Never had bedbugs, never seen abandoned furniture in hallways as claimed.
Building is always in good repair, freshly painted and cleaned.
Only complaint I have is the heating system room radiators makes lot of noise on start up. this is a seasonal problem. I can live with that given the l

ow rent and clean buildeing.
Great job Don.

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I move in and get bed bugs in apartment. Not enough is done and very terrible problem.

We take any pest issue very seriously and it is our policy to address complaints such as these immediately. We urge any tenant who experiences a pest issue to make management aware of the problem immediately. Please call the office at 604 685 8635 and the issue will be treated by a licensed professional.

Thank you.
Building Manager
Strathmore Lodge

I just moved in and i woke up with dry itchy welts. my mattress and bedding are ruined. i spoke with my neighbour and he said the people before in this aparmtnet also had bed bugs. i won't know what to do.

I just wanted to say that I've lived in this building for almost 3 years now and have not encountered any bed bugs. Thankfully.

The management staff has been very capable of handling any of the building's problems and has always responded to me in a timely and professional manner.

While I do agree that bedbugs are a MAJOR concern and problem for anyone (speaking from experience in a building in Yaletown), the Westend of Vancouver is completely infested with them and it is honestly an issue

for most of the large buildings in the area.

Again, the staff here is very capable of handling things and are very nice, do not allow this to deter you from looking at an apartment here, the building is great.

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We take bed bug issues seriously in this building. We would appreciate for the tenants and also their visitors to update us with any concerns. We have a qualified PCO agent on staff and as soon as anything is reported to the office, we spray the unit. We would greatly appreciate ANY pest control issues to be brought to our attention immediately. That is the only way, how we can control the situation.Office telephone number is 604 685 8635.
Management of Strathmore Lodge.

In July I visited someone on the 4th floor and was bitten twice. One bug did the traditional 3 bites on one leg and the other one I discovered clinging to my other leg. Unfortunately when I knocked it off it took some of my skin with it and I now have a scar. Lovely momento.

I live on third floor. Confirmed. Zero bedbugs in my unit. Never had a problem is five years,
FYI never had a plumbing, heating or rodent problem either. Thanks Don for looking after the building and adding brighter entrance light last week inside canopy.


I am moving soon from here. What the other posts say are true. And pipes burst and emergency notes stuck to office door and no one responds. Don lives close by but they don't check messages. A suite near mine has bed bugs and I want out. I am freaked out they will get in my place. Bad news here.

bed bugs suck your blood and they can suck 3 times their size and multiply faster than one could believe. and the people who lost their furniture here from bed bug infestation won't be taking any vacations for awhile. losing furniture costs money and so does moving. and bed bugs eat you alive. very terrible experience. people deserve to live in decent apartments and no matter what rent they pay, without bed bugs.

RE: Happy with Cheap rent

Have you ever personally dealt with bedbugs? They are awful and extermination is not a simple process.
Cleaning supplies will not get rid of bed bugs and infestation has nothing to do with how well you clean your apartment.

Who wants to go on vacation while sleep deprived and covered in welts? Bed bug trauma is horrible and you clearly don't know what you're talking about.

i always see the sign out with suites for rent. recently my friend and I went to have a look. it is a very old building and the kitchen was gross. low ceilings in bathroom and only one window. i pay $780 and have a nice layout and no bed bugs. i am happy with cheap rent without bed bugs. it sounds like several people have had some nightmare experiences here. they are aloud to voice their concerns. no need for such hostility. you don't seem happy.

Are people still experiencing bed bug problems in this building? If anyone could let me know that would be great.

Yes there are bed bugs! I also had to throw away a futon, mattress, bedding, a rug, and other personal belongings... total loss around $1200. (near new duvet, etc, also)... I see below the managers mention something about being fair. Well to be fair, you should have some decency to inform tenants of the actual living conditions. And whatever that is about you can read the apartment book, do you think they actually report all written complaints, and other problems. The building has awful c

onditions, and noise and pest issues. The managers Betty and Don are dishonest and only pretend to do something. I informed them of the situation and it took weeks to even find them and get a response. The owner of the property isn't great either. The building is gross.

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our neighbour brought bed bugs to the suite beside us in this building.

the landlord (don) left the bug infested board (from her murphy bed) in the hallway for 2 days while the suite was treated. this girl moved out 1 week after moving in (obviously not too happy with her bed bug situation).

in the meantime, the surviving bed bugs crawled off the board and into our suite. we reported the first bug (captured it and double checked with him).

don treated the apartment in a haphazard and

shoddy fashion.

we then went on vacation for 3 weeks hoping the problem was dealt with. on the first day of our trip (before staying anywhere) we found a bed bug in our luggage (i.e. from our apartment). we were therefore dreading our return.

when we returned the bed bugs were all over our apartment. Don accused us of bringing them in despite being fully aware that they were there prior to our camping trip.

it cost us around $3000 to buy a new bed, buy a new bed frame, pay exterminators, wash everything, lose our damage deposit because Don wouldn't let us move out with 28 days notice, dry clean everything, rent a moving truck, etc.

Don will lie to you about the bed bug situation in this building. if i had the energy and time and more evidence, i would definitely take him to small claims court. if there are enough of you suffering from bed bugs, his lies, and his totally non thorough exterminating techniques, i suggest you put together a small claims case and get some money back.

good luck.

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There is currently 2 suites for rent at this building... I love the building but am very concerned about the bugs and other pests that have been reported. Would current residents suggest living here?

when i moved in i asked about pests and i was told they have mice but try to contain it. and bed bugs, and majoy plumbing issues. bed bugs are hard to get rid of. knowing how to, doesn't guarantee them gone. noise issues. cheap rent because of the poor living conditions. my experience with the managers, didn't do much about anything. there are better apartments.

I live in one of the renovated units on ground floor. Building (on first level anyways) is clean, no bedbugs, Don is around every day and takes a keen interest in the building. For concrete construction the rents are cheap.
Only complaint is the the amount of bottle people that seems to be around, although greatly decreased now that there is security at Davie liquor store. Seems like the West end residents in this area have let it be known that we do not tolerate dealing, crackheads, Asian g

arage sales of infested belongings etc. Vacuum you unit regularly, report garage sales oon lawns or park or kick out the people on your own. This is historic building and as long as Don lives next door and attends the bulding on a daily basis it is good value for downtown near St. Pauls.

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In the interest of being fair it should be pointed out that the resident manager of this building is a licensed pesticide applicator.

All reported problems are immediately dealt with and although we have 100 suites in a 100 year old building we have had only 9 cases of bugs since they became a problem. ( approx 2 years)

We do not have any reported problems at this time, and have never had a complaint for rats,or other types of bugs.

Our daily journal is open for inspection.

I\'m planning on moving into this building. Should I?

bed bugs, noise, run down, lazy property owner/managers. mice.... u name it.

This building is deplorable. There are rats, pests of all kinds, and structural problems. The owner of the building and the mangagers are unethical individuals. As one post read, it is because they are old. Well, it is because of who they are. Many apartments managers are old or older, and they do their jobs. Avoid this building if you want to sleep, and not live with bed bugs.

Infested, and not being effectively contained. The building manager will lie to you about the problem. Beware.

*follow up* There are reports in the suites directly above, below, and beside this one. The penthouse and suites 503 and 603 are being sprayed individually, but they aren\'t spraying any of the immediatly adjacent \'bug free\' suites. Cleaning all personal belongings and moving out. Can\'t deal with this anymore.

Moved into the Strathmore Lodge apartment April 15th and was attacked by droves of the bugs. Turns out there was an infestation in that same suite only 2weeks previous, and the treatment done before the renting was insufficient.
Called in Vancouver Bedbug Control and they sprayed a few times. Moved back in May only to find the bugs were still there. This company seems to do consistantly shoddy jobs.

Have heard that VBC is in the middle of spraying the penthouse of the building as well.

't know how many suites are affected in total. The landlord is very accomodating, but the measures taken have simply just not been enough.

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