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I have been in the building for 6 years and am currently dealing with my second infestation. It's he'll. James the caretaker wants to help out but there is only so much he can do when the building manager doesn't act fast enough. The bugs are coming from suite 104 because some guy who leases the apartment (and doesn't live there) rents out beds to traveller's and transient visitors to Vancouver. The exterminator walked through that room and saw terrible infestations in all the mattresses. W

e have alerted the building manager and told him to terminate the lease, kick out the transients, clean up the apartment and rent it to someone who gives a crap about his home but nothing is being done.

Although the current residents in 104 are now aware of the problem, they are not doing the work to clean up the place before the exterminator can do his job effectively.

To everyone in the building who has seen or dealt with bed bugs: THE BUGS WON'T GO AWAY UNTIL YOU WASH EVERY PIECE OF MATERIAL AND VACUUM EVERY SQUARE INCH OF YOU APARTMENT. Only after you have done that can an exterminator do his job effectively. The reason the bugs keep coming back is because the problem apartments won't do their part to get rid of them!

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This place is just a joke. There has been new management and just as useless as old management. Bed bugs are still abundant and nothing gets done, NOTHING. THe hallways are always a mess. I have asked for a new appliance almost a yeaar ago and have heard nothing. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT make the mistake of moving here. It has been over a year since a lot of the reviews and the bedbug problem is still bad. The management takes advantage of the fact that all the exchange students here aren't awar

e that they have rights as tenants and DON'T GIVE A DAMN!

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I had a bedbug problem here back in March of 2007. I didn't even wait for the super to get back to us before calling in experts. According to our research, if the super doesn't act in 24 hours to an situation like this, you are within your right to deal with the problem yourself and charge the owner.

We got the bugs from the unit below us who had been living with them for months and never told anyone. That apartment was a revolving door of exchange students and they all thought bedbugs wer

e just part of life.

We had the professionals come in. The full program involves 2 spray treatments two weeks apart, washing everything you own and getting rid of bedbug infested furniture (By the way, that doesn't just mean put it next to the dumpster in the back alley. The city won't take it. Call junk removal services and stick the landlord with the bill.)

The whole ordeal was a nightmare but they bugs haven't been back since, at least not in my unit. I've been there 5 years and learned not to trust the management with anything. Don't wait for them to fix the problem, do it yourself.

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The bedbugs won't go away. That's because the landlord won't spray the whole building. i'm notthnaking the landlord for having pest ontrol spray because he has to spray the whole building at once. If anyone sees a 'for rent' sign here DON'T MOVE IN' as the bedbugs aren't the only problem. the tenants are slobs and throw their garbage in the hallway and the building manager doesn't do ANYTHING!

We got our first infestation here about 2-3 months ago. The place was then sprayed by pest control, and now they're coming back again. Total nightmare. The guy across the hall from us got them from the people above him. He gave them to us.

The landlord should be spraying the entire building at the same time, not just individual suites. They're just going to move from apartment to apartment unless the whole building is taken care of at the same time.

I had to throw out a couch and bed fram

e because of this ordeal already. If I could, I'd just throw EVERYTHING out, move, and start over somewhere else. The problem is, I need to know these things are gone before I go anywhere else, or they'll just follow me.

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Found a bedbug crawling across my lap in the middle of the day about 7 months ago. The people across the hall had an infestation that the landlord had apparently tried to keep quiet.
I woke up to bites a few times, but the caretaker had someone come and spray twice and I haven't seen any since.
I'm looking to move now so I thought I'd pass the info on to people potentially taking my place. Don't do it! The landlords are useless and nothing gets fixed. The price is low for a reason.

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