1058 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Ive lived on the first floor for 3 years and have never had any bed bug issues whatsoever. I was nervous as I had read the reports on this site before moving in, but Ive never experienced any bed bugs at all.

Lived here since Feb 2012! No problems at all! Fantastic building to live in :) I did buy a bedbug cover just in case though.

I lived in this building for over 6 years. Unfortunately I found out my suite had bedbugs 4 months after moving in when my brand new mattress became infested with them. Mark was great about getting it taken care of, but truth be told, I had them on and off for the entire time I was there. It's a fantastic building and I am sad that I had to have the bedbug issue as part of my experience. If you move in, just be sure to take extra precautions - mattress protectors are not that expensive.

I no longer live in this building but my stay there for a few years was bug free. Mark is a fabulous manager. BUT- my place was haunted. Did anyone else have this experience? I am surprised no one else talks about this because it was pretty intense.

I have lived on the 6th floor since June, 2010 with no problems (10 months now). I use the murphey bed and have my mattress in a bed beg cover. Keep your place clean and keep stuff off the floor! I would be more worried about the the exercise you might get when the elevator shuts down periodically. Management is great and keeps the building maintained well.

I have lived in this building for 6 months and haven't had a problem. I was very nervous about moving in as I knew there was a history with bedbugs, but I'm glad I decided to go for it as my suite is amazing. Mark is a great building manager, and I feel pretty confident that he would deal with any problem promptly and efficiently.

I have spent 18 months in this building. I use my own mattress in the murphy bed and have never had a bed bug (touch wood!). I have have nothing but great experiences so far in this building and the management. I have seen the occasional mouse.

i lived in this building and had bed bugs also. there's no question that mark is a good landlord and will react promptly if you let him know you have bed bugs. unfortunately i think that in this kind of building (i.e. really old) that has murphy beds like it does, it doesn't really matter how fast the landlord reacts or how often he sprays the apartments. spraying never really gets rid of all of them, and so even though you might get a bit of a respite for a bit, once the sprayings are done th

ey will just keep travelling up the shafts where the murphy beds are stored and enter another apartment. i had numerous sprayings over about a year or so...and it wasn't fun, and they never really went away. they would be gone for a while and then they would come back again.

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I like how people think that justifying bed bugs "As a Westend wide problem" makes it acceptable to have them which leads me to believe that the problem has been going on so long that the manager seems to have forgotten what life was like before them - give me a break BED BUGS ARE NOT THE NORM! it is not acceptable anywhere - it's like saying I have a disease so since I have it and everyone in the Westend has it, then it must be okay to not fight it and lie down and die

I was about to move into the building but found out about the bed bug situation. I'd already put down a damage deposit but I was very uncomfortable about the idea of moving into the place. I was able to get back all of my deposit.

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Mngmnt of Caroline Court Apt at 1058 Nelson str never held any security deposit any time of tenants who moved out because of bed bugs problems.
We kept it only if was any damage to the apt or extra cleaning involved.
So it is a lie and false statement
As anonymous I may write whatever in this column regardless of true.
Have own opinion and common sense before any judgment

We had to leave this building after repeated sprayings and numerous bites. Since they don't do large enough sprayings, the bugs just move and then come back and bite you again. The manager is a really great guy, but until the owners are willing to invest in a total building wide spraying, they'll just move and come back. We gave up our damage deposit to get out with short notice. We started over completely in a new place with no bugs coming with us. Nightmare nightmare nightmare.

I lived in 1058 Nelson for about 3 years on the 3rd floor and never had bed bugs. About a year ago I moved to the 5th floor in the same building and had bed bugs in the new apartment. The management immediately had a professional come and spray twice in the apartment and the bed bugs were gone and have not come back. It was unpleasant but the management reacted very fast and effectively, so no complaints here.

I have lived in this building for 6 months and have never had an issue with bed bugs. Realistically, it is a problem the entire west end faces from time to time. I know my neighbors and people on other floors and they have never had them either.

Anytime myself or anyone I know in the building has had a problem the manager has fixed it immediately and professionally. I can only imagine in a bed bug situation the same high standard would apply.

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This anonymous comment is definitely not a true representation of the issue, and I would like to clarify most of it so people would have a more realistic picture of the situation.

My name is Mark and I’ve been managing the building for the past 15 years.
Yes, it is true that for the last 4 years the building, like numerous other buildings in the downtown area, had a problem with bed bugs. The management of the building have been taking this problem very

seriously and they are doing whatever possible to clean up the building. Right now, out of the 74 apartments, only 1 area of the building is still having a problem (about 5-7 apts) and not continuously but only from time to time. The management are taking every precaution available to keep the apartments clean. Apartments with previous history of bed bugs are being regularly inspected every month and sprayed if necessary or as a precaution. Pest control companies are using sprays approved and recommended by Health Canada and any smells evaporate fast and most people have no problem with the issue.

Please keep in mind that most buildings in the downtown Vancouver area deal with bed bugs issue and if the problem is handled properly on a regular basis and tenants cooperate, it can be contained.

I think that the anonymous comment dramatized the issue unnecessarily. Do not form your opinion of the building based on the anonymous note because it’s just one personal opinion which was greatly exaggerated. So, if you consider moving in to the building, or any other building in the area for that matter, please check the place personally, talk to a manager and current tenants to get a more realistic picture.

Mark –building manager
(604) 681-7520

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I lived on the top floor of this building for about 7 years. I moved out about a year and a half ago because my apartment became infested with bed bugs, and they were seemingly impossible to get rid of. I was having sprayings more than once a month, and each time you're supposed to move all the furniture away from the wall and take your mattress off the bed and prop it up against the wall so they can spray it easily. Moving furniture in the morning before work so often was a huge pain to deal

with, and then afterwards my mattress would stink (a gasoline-like smell) for a week or two afterwards.

The bed bugs never went away, and the above process went on for about a year or so. I kept my apartment extremely clean as well. I went through numerous sets of sheets because whenever I squished a bed bug in my sleep it would get blood all over the place, which was gross to say the least. They also leave their excrement all over your sheets (little brown dots, which was how I discovered I had them in the first place) that stain and won't come out with any stain remover.

When I moved out, I had to throw pretty much everything out, and had to start from scratch furniture-wise in my new apartment, all to ensure that I wouldn't bring them with me. It was a very expensive solution. Luckily I haven't had a problem at my new place since.

I wouldn't recommend moving here if you're considering it. I'd also recommend moving out asap if you're already living there, because even if you don't have a problem now, you will at some point, and then you'll have to go through all of the above. In the beginning I didn't have any problems living here, even though I had heard there were bedbugs in the building. I just assumed because I kept my apartment clean that it wouldn't ever affect me. But boy was I wrong...

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I had bedbugs. They sprayed twice. I don't have them anymore. Resident manager was prompt in calling exterminator.

I am responding to the last comment made on Feb 21, 2010. I am also in this building and wondering what floor you are on. I am totally paranoid I am going to get them. Nothing has happened to me yet... but now I am scared. I just moved in in Jan and didn't realize this building has a serious problem. Ahhh!

Feb 2010.

I was hesitant to move in here 4 months ago because I knew there had been some reportings in this building. I took a chance, and it's the worst mistake I've ever made.

I've had them spray the apartment three times now and they keep coming back. I still haven't see them, but the welts are obvious. Talking to people in the laundry room, I sounds like it's everywhere, on many floors of this huge building, and some tenants have just come to term with monthly sprayings.... UH, GUYS, T


I finally gave notice and he won't do a final spray before I leave, but I need one... I cannot bring these guys with me.

Just a note, I was bleaching, vaccuuming and doing laundry to an OCD extent out of paranoia, I never used or even opened the murphy bed, and the sad fact is I still got them.

Some buildings are just too old and will never get rid of them.

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Hi there. Yes, we just moved in and are currently battling them. Don't know if they're on every floor or not. It's an incredible headache and really stressful, and disappointing. They have to spray, then again, then again, and even then it's hard to say whether that'll be the end of them. We also recommend not using the murphy bed. And if you do choose to move in, maybe don't bring your favourite things for the first week. You ought to know within a week if you have them. And get a mattress enc

asement if you care about your bed. Good luck.

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im thinking of moving into this building (1058 nelson) come Janurary 1st 2010, and was wondering if someone currently in the building would let me know if they are still having problems with bedbugs?? its making me want to give up my cute little apartment !! (7th floor).

1058 Nelson Street

Moved in during the late summer. Resident Manager informed me not to bring in any furniture from alley as the "entire building had just been pest controlled".

All of my furniture, save for bed, was new. Prior to living here, I had the mattress and frame for almost two years with no problems.

The suite includes a Murphy Bed which I do not and have never used for anything other than storage (all boxed, no fabrics).


I have lived at 1058 Nelson for the last five years. When I moved in, the manager assured me there was no pest problem, which may not have been true even then (I've also encountered mice and a single cockroach). A few years ago it started getting out that there were bedbugs in the building. He has repeatedly said that the situation is under control - that this suite or that suite has an infestation, and is being dealt with - but piecemeal suite sprayings seem to have the effect of moving the pro

blem from place to place; finally it has arrived at my suite, on the second floor. The manager has said that the bedbugs travel up and down the building via the "shafts" that the pull-out Murphy beds are stored in, but he is not telling new tenants not to use the Murphy beds, as these are an attractive feature to some; and various new tenants continue to use them. The bedbugs, if I'm correct, follow carbon dioxide - hunting by following human breath emissions, like mosquitoes - so as long as the Murphy bed areas are not sealed off, if indeed that's how the bedbugs are travelling, then spraying this suite or that can only encourage the surviving bedbugs to hunt elsewhere. We've been playing this game for several years now, of chasing the bedbugs about the building; speaking for my own suite, the situation is worsening - I've been bitten several times in the last half-year, and currently have three clusters of bites on me, despite repeated sprayings. Obviously a systematic approach is called for, of sealing off the Murphy beds, telling all tenants what to look for, and spraying ALL suites, but this requires a level of commitment to eradicating the problem that the management has thus far not displayed...

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Hi sleepless. I am planning on moving into the building and I was told the bugs were on the upper floors...I think the 7th and 8th floor. I was wondering were you told the same, and which floor are you on? Thanks for your help!

I was amazed my building is not on the list. Mine is 1111 Barclay St. This building is horrible and many people have been bitten. The bedbugs came out again this month even though I got rid of all of them last September.

We moved into the building and were told that there was a 20 percent infestation but were assured that it was being handled. We have them now and its terrible. In two nights we found 12 bites. It is a major problem in the whole downtown area and something must be done before it gets worse. My sister has problems in her building on Bute Street as well. This is something that needs to be addressed by the city. The rents are very high and these are not uncared for buildings. Help!

1058 Nelson St

reet Vancouver

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1075 Jervis St. 8th floor Vancouver BC

Sept. 2006, I moved out after a month, the manager claimed 'he never heard of them' after i showed him one.

Other tenants also had the '3 bite' syndrome.

I left my damage deposit beccause it SUCKS to live with them...

Right before we moved (july 31) out, we began getting bites. When we moved our matress, there were bugs on it. There have been infestation in the building on and off since Sept. 06. The management has been good in taking care of the issue, but it seems as through people keep bringing stuff in from the alley, and the problem resurfaces.

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