1050 Harwood St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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The manger is a total loser. He told me he does not care if the bedbugs eat me alive.

Im moving to this place for octber 1 to the 8 floor, please tell me in wich floor were the bedbags. thanks

Initially discovered infestation around May 2009. I approached the landlord, who said he was pretty sure the building was bug free. Brought an exterminator in twice for free - once in July, and next time in August (after the July one didn't work). Tonight I once again discovered two live bugs in a healthy state. I tried almost everything in addition to the exterminator (DE powder, RAID, Cedar blocks, etc...) I even through the bed/mattress, sofa, nighstand and desk out, but still no luck. I'm m

oving out as soon as I find a new place!!

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