1045 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I found a bed bug in one of the bedrooms a few months ago and called the building manager (who is acting in place of my landlord as my landlord is out of town). He said he would have the apartment inspected. He also said that none of the suites around us are infested (but how could he know that without having them inspected). I never heard back from him.

I found another bug in my living room today. Just left the building manager another message. I hope he will take it seriously this ti


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Bed bugs are back at 1045 Haro! Strata is now keeping a list of infested units.

One or more of the neighbouring suites that refused to be inspected were also infected with bedbugs. They have now been treated and we should now be bedbug free.

The 1755 Haro is the worst bed bug of the street

We got a notice a few days ago that bedbugs have been found in a few suites. The strata\'s action is to get pest control to get rid of them. However, some neighbouring apartments have refused to allow access to their suites for preventative measures.

Apartment #706,
My girlfriend and her workmates rented the apartment starting September 1st '08, and did not ask about prior bedbug or other infestations in the dwelling (they were from Ontario on a school work-term and were unaware of the problem in Vancouver). She never told them before they moved in that there were prior problems, and we felt that she definitely should have, given the current infestation. In fact, the place has had problems with bedbugs in the past and had been fumigated (

not sure the date or # of treatments), as per the landlord.

My girlfriend's room was the most infested and she suffered many sleepless nights and terribly itchy bite marks all over her backside (she never sleeps on her front). I was apparently not affected at all and was no evidence of bites on me. After speaking with the landlord, she was very sympathetic and made arrangements for fumigation the next day, and we were all pleased.

It also came to our attention that our clothes and bed sheets and luggage must also be washed. The landlord said she would not pay for laundry (roughly $30 and several hours cleaning and doing laundry), which I felt was completely unreasonable.

That was quite frustrating, given I was on vacation from Ontario visiting my girlfriend.

We determined the infestations were so heavy in the bedframe, that even after fumigation, we still saw bedbugs emerge at night. I saw with my own eyes bedbugs crawling out of crevices in the bedframe. After seeing this, we put the bedframe on the balcony.

Finally, looking at the baseboards, there is evidence of fecal matter (small black spots) in and around the crevices, just like the ones on the bedframe. At this point (Sept.14 '08) I am not sure the extent of the infestation. Fumigation will be done again in two weeks, but given the bedbugs’ apparent resiliency and persistence, I am not confident it will solve the problem.

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My friend lived there and had to move out because there were bedbugs. apartment 7. It was about 6 months ago. I was there when the bed bugs were discovered and saw it with my own eyes.

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