930 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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I have lived in the building for a while now. I did have a problem some time ago, as I'm sure MANY people in Vancouver do based on how common they are. The management team was very empathetic. They gave me instructions on how to prepare the suite for both the inspection and treatment. In my opinion the problem was irradiated quickly and efficiently, I haven't had issues since. It's a little upsetting to read so many negative reports here from people about this building, the management staff are

amazing. I doubt they would have given me much different treatment than other if there were more issues in the building.

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Bed Bugs found in neighbors suite, they treated it. bugs ran to our suite. They treated our suite with a substance pulled from the market in the US and I was told by the BC poison control person in charge of monitoring what they are using, that the government is letting them use up remaining stock then discontinuing it's use!!! After four days after treatment we went back into our apartment and the toxic substance Ficam triggered an asthma attack for me.

I have heard many different reports, from tenants, about the issue of bed bugs in the building. I just spoke to a friend/tenant last night who informed me that there are bed bugs on his floor, the 7th. In June I heard they had them on the 7th floor. Management hushes everyone up if the topic is raised. They do not want anyone to know about it. It seems to be a major issue but no one wants to speak of it.

Sept 15 2012

I live on the 7th floor, just moved here in June.
Exterminators just here this week after weeks of bites.
They were definitely new to me since moving here. They only sprayed my unit, the other reports are correct, the management seems to not want to tell all tenants. I will be reporting to the neighbors on my floor to demand an inspection, but don't have access to other adjacent floors to spread the word. NASTY.


This building has a very large problem...there are confirmed infestations on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 18th, 22nd, 31st floors, and the Management is not taking action to spray the common areas like the library, theater, hallways on the 2nd floor, and then wonder why everyone is spreading it.

They are trying hard to keep this quiet, but everyone needs to know or it will become a much worse situation!

This complex, Metropolitan Towers has a bedbug issue. The management company is not telling tenants. Tenants need to be warned so that everyone can work together to eradicate this infestation.

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