55 Water St
Vancouver, BC V6B

Found 4 reports:

This is a new looking building and so i was very suprised that it had bed bugs. I pay 2400 per month to live here. I was expected to get my own pest control. i know any building can have bed bugs even 5 star hotels like the Hilto spary every week. and I know you can bring them home from just taking the bus.

Moved into 4th floor of this building in early 2007 and bedbugs were present. My suite was treated by a professional exterminator and I didn't experience any further infestation (in my suite anyway, I can't speak for anyone else) during the rest of the time I lived there - I moved out in mid 2008.

Today! Minor infestation, havenet seen the bugs but have the bites... management is going to check the suite next door and treat with non-toxic remedy.

Bed bugs in at least 2 units in this building. Building mgmt. is only treating the affected units as reported by tenants and not the surrounding ones which may be contributing to the spread.

No nearby bug reports