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Within the first week of this month (August 2010) I saw a bed bug on the floor near my couch but thought it was some sort of cockroach. A friend was over she caught one on her leg. She had seen bed bugs (bb's) before and told me what it was.

I informed Vincent, the building owner/manager immediately. He was slow to respond and at first denied the fact that I had them. He came and sprayed after my repeatedly telling him that I'm being bitten. He personally sprayed my place with god knows wha

t. Whatever it was it made me nauseous and head-ache even days after.

A typical way of how he's handled the situation is when he came into my place between 7pm and 8pm on August 14th without warning and proceeded to blast my place with his toxic concoction. Exhausted from not sleeping, I had spent the day away trying to air it out from his spraying my place at 5pm the previous day. When I got back home and opened my door I felt suffocated by the toxicity of my place and couldn't enter. From the doorway I could see signs of his being there. I spent the remainder of the night sitting outside on the street with my door open airing out the place.

I wasn't sleeping because of being ravaged by the bb's and the smell of the toxic spray. He's sprayed probably 10 times over the past few weeks. On August 16th I had to leave my home and stay at a shelter for a week. I desperately needed sleep. I requested Vince to spray my place and just keep spraying it. I checked back in throughout the week to see if he was following through - he wasn't.

On Thursday (19th) I went to the rental board to tell them that I wasn't sleeping and the toxic spray that was being used was making me sick. Michael, the guy at the Rental Board reception informed me that I couldn't just leave and that I had to give notice. After leaving there I went home and did a total tear-down of my place. It took 40 large garbage bags to place all my clothes, bedding ect. At that time Vince kept coming to my place every couple hours harassing me asking why I'm making such a big deal out of it and refuting the fact that I even had any. I collected approximately 20 from my couch before throwing it out to show him. When I left I gave him a letter requesting his particular attention on a few zones and telling him to please bring in a professional When I came back a couple days later not much had changed and he didn't spray all the areas I'd asked him in the letter. To date (August 28th) I'm still dealing with it.

On August 23rd I moved back into my place for the first couple days I didn't have anything to sleep on and was making do with an ironing board wedged between two wooden chairs but they were still nibbling on my feet. On the 24th I purchased a military cot to sleep on. He was in today at 5 spraying the floor.

This is a rough sketch of the situation. There are a number of other incidents but basically the negligence of how he's been dealing with it are obvious. I'm loosing my things little by little. I've lost a considerable amount of sleep. And have had the disheartening sensation of feeling homeless and displaced.

I now plan on going and talking to an advocate. I am also planning on placing a complaint with the Rental Board and taking any such advisement that the advocate sees fit for me to take. I don't want to take the bb's with me either so I basically have to suffer through this until it's taken care of. Very upsetting.

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