347 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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Writing this report at 05:30am on 2012/08/18, sitting in common room of this hostel.

I arrived with the intention of staying only one night. After aapproximately an hour asleep I awoke with several red raised welts on my arms and legs. These were large bites from adult bugs (having been through an infestation in 2006 I am familiar with the different reaction I get). Each separate area had two or three closely-spaced raised white bumps, which leaves no room to debate the kind of insect bites t

hey were.

I slept in Room #6, upper bunk, against the right-most wall and nearest the windows. Staff were unconcerned and bade me go back to the bunk and mention my concerns in the morning.

I inspected the mattress, which was not covered by any barrier, and the seams showed the tell-tale feces marks. Found several casings but no bugs; mind you, a metal bunk-bed pieced together with plywood boards and home-repair screws and bolts make it impossible to find the little buggers.

I would suggest it's an established and thriving infestation. No sleep for me. No assistance from staff. And no refund.

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American Backpacker's
This hostel is infested! Do yourselves a favour and stay far away from this place. I moved into another hostel today and honest to god- I hope I didn't bring any bugs along. My body is covered with bites though- so does nearly every backpacker who's staying in this shithole. Apparently Vincent, the owner of this place, does spray the rooms from time to time but looking at my arms n legs it doesn't seem to help. Seriously- this place is a no go area and should be stamped to

the ground

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I had no personal encounters with Bedbugs here, but saw them on other people at times, which is rare.

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