320 Abbott St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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I moved into my unit here in the summer. It seemed alright - cheap rent and cool area. But make no mistakes THERE ARE BED BUGS here (cockroaches as well) and they will make a mess of your life. Clearly they have had this problem for years and fail to properly wean tenants. Never again.

Let's not kid ourselves here, this place has bugs...and roaches.

Have lived here for the past few years and have had bugs 3 times and it it may be my last, not because the building is now bed bug free, but i'm sick and tired of dealing with them, getting rid of them is time consuming and frustrating.

Cheap rent, hip area, decent amenities, allows pets, sounds alluring right? I thought so. But then you wake up one morning covered in red itchy welts and everything becomes so negative.

Living in Gastown is not so glamourous, (if you ever thought it would be in the first place). You'll get tired of stepping over needles, denying someone of your hard earned change, and crabby hipsters.

Think twice about moving here.

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I have been living here for about a year and a half and after about 3 months of living here I started noticing bites on my ankles in the morning.

Shortly after I found one of the little SOBs and let my landlord know.

Orkin came in a sprayed twice. IT DID NOTHING!!

I think the bed bugs in this building are immune because I have had Orkin in 5 times and have yet to be bed bug free.

Don't get stuck like I did on a 1 year lease and having to put up with these awful things!

August 28 2011

I have lived in this building 3 times and was surprised to hear from a friend of mine that there was reports of bad managment and treatment in my building. In a combined time of just over 2 years living here I had one incident of being bitten by a bedbug and when I notified Jay of it he called the pest control company the next day and had them attend my room within a week and a follow up in another 10 days. that seemed to have done it. The reason I am writting this is that it w

as extremely embarassing for me to hear from my friends what a "slum" I lived in from one persons overexagerated experiences. I believe that the last comment may have had a problem but I have lived here much longer and do see pest control here regularily and do know that managment cares. People who comment here should be more carefull what they write as you are not just trashingthe owners and managers of these buildings but the people who are happily living there. These forums should be used for a good reference base and not a means to trash and hurt others on the way.
Just a thought!

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Moved into this building February 1st 2011 and immediately after moving in found out it was infested with cockroaches the same night. A couple days afterward I realized the roaches were the least of my problems, found two large bedbugs on the top of my queen size mattress and one in the bathroom on a bath towel! Right away I sealed off the unit as best as I could but its obvious that it was too late because they already infest every unit in this building. Been meeting other tenants in the buildi

ng who have been living with this nightmare for far too long, the management only sprays every 3 months and says to deal with it yourself. Anyways moving out immediately and going to attempt a lawsuit for all the damage that's being cause as we speak! Don't ever move here, worst mistake of my life.

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My first experience with bedbugs was met with a snide grin from the building manager as he told me it would be two weeks before he would get an exterminator in to look at the problem. I stayed away for two days and came back to find my room literally crawling with cockroaches and bedbugs...everywhere. I collected a few things, did my best to make sure I took no passengers and I left for the better part of a week hoping to disrupt their breeding program, or at the very least not get driven nuts

by the constant biting. Finally I got a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol and put it beside my bed with a flashlight. I've been leaving the lights on at night and that seems to have pushed the roaches out. I've taken to baiting the bedbugs out of hiding before I go to sleep and then spritzing them with the alcohol. So far it seems to have taken care of the adults...I don't seem to be seeing them, but the nymphs don't stop coming.

Moving into this building was my first mistake. Not moving out when I first noticed the exterminator visiting was my next one. Management in this building is apathetic and negligent of the consequent spread of the infestation.

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Rented a room there for 6 months - was bedbug infested for at least the last 3 months until the end of my tenancy on July 1, 2007. I knew there were bugs but I didn't know what they were, having never seen a bedbug in my life. I'm a prairie girl - they looked to me like woodticks. When I moved out, I discovered the management had known about the infestation but did not serve notice to any of the tenants, and did nothing to address the problem. When I left, I had to throw out everything I owned i

ncluding furniture, bedding, clothing, EVERYTHING, at the risk of carrying the problem to my new place. Added to the cost of moving, replacing EVERYTHING I owned. There is no such beast as a minor problem with bedbugs and they do not respect boundaries like an apartment wall. If your neighbours have bedbugs, you have bedbugs too.

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