139 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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Yup, I moved in2 the bed infested so called United Rooms hotel(139 East Cordova Street) on March 1st, '11.

Not one night has gone by that I had a decent sleep.

I did report it to "Randy" who I heard is also the care taker @ Afton on 269 East Hastings & 222 Keefer Rooms.

To B honest, I think that he is spreadin' himself way 2 thin to look after the 3 places or he just don't care.

He stays @ the Afton 269 East Hastings, rite at the top of the stairs on the rite side.

I have had bedbugs in my room for about two years. Tried the mattress cover from welfare, it only worked for so long. They have moved into my neighbor's room. I have heard they are have been on every floor for quite a while. Now I am stuck to looking for home remedies for this problem on the internet.

The landlord and manager have said they will take care of them, but I have not seen or heard of either of them knocking on my door.

Living in the downtown eastside Vancouver is hard because

I have heard that these bugs are everywhere. Finding a place with limited money and very limited resources is hard enough without this bug problem.

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