131 Regiment Sq
Vancouver, BC V6B

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This building has another case, if not multiple. My roommate has an infestation, and we are currently having exterminators look after the problem. The landlord is being quite reasonable about the situation.

But I think Spectra Towers has multiple issues. The exterminator we hired said he has been in towers 1, 2, and 4 before, but was his first time in tower 3. I think the whole building needs to be tackled, and they need to reduce the number of in and outs of people who can't commit to sta

ying in one location.

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we found many bed bugs in ours bed the February 10. We had problem with the landlord, she told us it was our fault but the exterminator told us it was there before we arrived in this apartment. It's new building but the bed bugs can be anywhere. The exterminator came just one time but it wasn't enough and we still have problem with that. We are supposed to move at the and of the month and the problem is not fixed. The landlord is really irresponsible.

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