1295 Richards St
Vancouver, BC V6B

Found 2 reports:

I live on 5th floor of the Oscar as well and believe, at this point, I have them in my apartment. I have two welts very close to one another, which I noticed yesterday. I will be fumigating the apartment in the next few days, regardless.

Oct 13 on the 5th floor. We had a significant number on the box spring and the mattress. The building manager was very quick to say that there were no other reports. Our landlord paid for treatment in the unit and the strata had the 5th floor hallway treated at the same time. No complaints about the responsiveness at all. Biggest lesson here is that, in case you didn't realize it, anyone can get them any time, and there's no telling where they came from.

One treatment did it (touch wood) and

we found the odd one over the following 2 weeks, but none since then. Steamed the hell out of everything, washed our sheets and jammies every single day. Thank god we have in-suite laundry - this would be a total nightmare otherwise (as if it doesn't already suck!)

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