116 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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I found bed bugs here about a month ago, July 2012. They immediately exterminated the place, but I had my doubts about the entire building, so moved out.

I discovered bed bugs in my suite a couple of days ago and found out TODAY that there was an infestation a few weeks back. From what I understand, these pests tend to make their move during the early hours in the dark. But I'm seeing them mid day.

Considering the depth of this problem, I was shocked the land lady was taking this lightly saying, "This even happens in high end suites." I'm quite appalled that they didn't inform any of the tenants.

I wish I saw these reports upon moving as

I would have stayed far away. I guess there's a reason why people are constantly moving out.

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Lived there for several months, slowly it became a serious problem! do not rent!

moved in and found beg bugs!

When I moved in I found out they had fumigated the whole building. After a month, people started complaining of bedbugs. They are trying to stay ontop of it, but since a homeless shelter is right beside it, they are coming through the walls. There is powder everywhere in the building to try to kill the bugs, but so far its still a problem. The management are not mentioning this to people and are actually saying they are bedbug free while they try to rent out the rest of this refurbished buil


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