1067 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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Suite 1101 July 16/08
Tenants Name Arlene Alice Robins (that she did not put in the blog)

There has never been a large infestation of bedbugs here. This was a problematic tenant who has thankfully moved to Surrey/White Rock last month. When she informed me of the BB problem, it was sprayed within a week.
I can assure you that these accusations are false.

Please remove this blog from your site.
Thank you,
Nellie Chan

Apartment 1101
July 16th, 2008
I started seeing one or two a week starting six months ago and it just started getting worse. They were coming in from other infested suites. I have lived here for six years and I have never had a problem. In the past two years, the building manager has been bringing in street people and residents from single room occupancy suites form the east Hastings Street area. In the past year 89 suites in my building have been treated for the bed bug problem.
I feel that

the cause of the problem in my building has been the poor judgment and neglegence of the building manager, NELLIE CHAN

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