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I lived at 90 Alexander for 3 years but it was just before the bedbug out break.I moved to Winnipeg and googled 90 Alexander from time to time hoping to be able to find some tenants that I was friends with. I couldn't' believe the heart breaking stories I read on this site.
I was living in a nice apartment in Winnipeg ..far from crashing trains that woke me every nite , or the smell of people smoking crack .
Everything was going great..but within a month I noticed I had extremely itchy welt

s on my legs. I had just came back from camping and thought it was poison oak...WRONG!!!
Yep...sure enough , bed bugs alright. It was the worse thing I ever went through. I ended throwing EVERYTHING I owned and had to start from scratch. (no pun intended).
I wish there was a way for these so called landlords be forced to take responsibility. It's a health issue ! There HAS to be someone these tenants can turn to.

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We currently live at 90 Alexander Street and have been combatting infestations for three years-we HAD to invest in a portable steam cleaner (to kill the suckers) and do our mattress and box-spring every second weekend (and carpets) which takes about seven hours to complete-it's pretty labour intensive, we have to buy all our own supplies, the Property Manager and the building manager BOTH are aware that they LIED to the residents about being infestation free-but there is no recourse against them

for this misleading information that causes people to lose not only their sense of safety, quality of life etc. but also their possessions-bedding, clothing, everything and the management does nothing but raise the rents. It has cost us more to live here in the long run, but we cannot afford to go anywhere else. You can complain to the city inspectors which we have done-but even the COV doesn't want to touch these buildings...I often wonder how this building keeps passing inspection with all it's problems. Now, we have a new couple and they are just as disinterested in dealing with tenants and these situations as ever before. I wouldn't reccommend living here unless you want to get screamed at for making a legitimate complaint about noise or even if you just want some heat inside your unit. I don't speak "Screaming Banshee" fluently, so I don't even talk to the managers anymore. We don't have too many issues in our unit with the bugs due to our OWN DILLGENCE and it's too damn cold for bugs but we are still over-run with mice. I wish I could attach photo's to show what we have to clean up everyday-piles of mice droppings and brick and lathe debris from rodents clawing their way in through the rotting out walls of the structure itself. I've been through THREE vaccuum cleaners while living here. No reimbursement for cleaning, supplies or anything that costs you to live here-even when they say things are included they are not-like the crappy internet. Now they call it "complimentary" internet so they don't have to be responsible when it isn't working-they just tell you to get your own if you are unhappy or move. People, just do yourself a favor-don't rent from Powell Street Management, PERIOD. THEY SUCK, and are not a real Property Management firm, anyways.

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Lived in this building for a year and a half. Just after they had gutted and renovated after the fire below.
I broke my tenancy agreement and withheld rent due to the complete overthrow of bugs & rodents. I'm talking full infestation.

1000$ bed - covered in bugs, had to throw out it was to infested and not worth saving.
(eggs, baby bug & huge ones filled with my blood)

$300 laundry & drycleaning which was a horrible experience because they washed all my dryclean coats and have lost mos

t of my expensive wardrobe.

$200 - cleaning products and time wasted moving my entire apartment around.

*Also my cats killed two mice while i was there and there was so many cockroaches i had a non-existing kitchen. My cereal was in the fridge.
Once i came home and as i opened the door, a cockroach fell down my back. So when i went to get changed i fell out of my shirt. They would literally crawl all over the walls.

I moved to a year old, really expensive building, with concrete floors. It's the cleanest, freshest place you could pick. AND I JUST DISCOVERED BED BUGS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had enough. It's ruining my life. And all because i lived in this SHIT building.


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12/23/2010-Bed bugs on the third floor, and now even found on the first floor. Someone rented a room, disappeared a week later, and left his invested bed. Manager been informed, knows about it, will take action after Christmas holidays.

This building is currently infested with a plethora of different species of insect. Everyday the number of bugs seem to be getting larger. I have had my apartment fumigated once however unfortunately less than a week later smaller versions of the insects are appearing. Just to see how severe the infestation was I laid a piece of sticky paper down to allow insects into the trap and I was actually disgusted with the amount. At least 100 insects. Two species. Smaller golden cockroaches, as well as

an unidentified small black beetle with a golden band around it's waste. The beetle is my main concern as I have found litterally hundreds of them. They are everywhere. Underneath clean plates, walls, bed, not to mention any perishable food or grain which is left out has to be thrown away. And I haven't even mentioned the bedbugs. There are so many. I have kept specimens of them to show the building manager. I have eight of then trapped in a sealed match container. This place is beautiful, but it's just not worth the constant fear of having one of these things crawl over your face at night, (which has happened twice) that's right, cockroach.

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Moved in on the 1st of June. There was a fire in the restaurant below and extensive water damage to the floors above, The building had to be gutted and completely renovated on each floor, in fact I saw the suite before renovations were done, it was just wood framing and exposed brick. The building was essentially vacant for about 3 months in the winter until the construction began... but 3 days after I moved in I saw single bedbugs roaming about the room, and in larger numbers at night. I ima

gine the infestation is so well established by now, because I\'ve seen them out during the day. I\'ve had the building manager fumigate twice, but they are such a resilient little species, it amazes me how they can survive. great location and $420.00 for a spacious room with 2 windows on the 3rd floor, I really liked it, but you have to choose your battles in life.

Good luck.

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we were told by the building manager that it was a "one hundred percent bug-free building". shortly upon arrival, we began to find single bed bugs sparsely around the apartment. we lived there for a month. our shower looked like that of a prison chamber, and did not work. our kitchen was extremely uncomfortable, and there was bird poo all over the windows, cracks in the floor, cockroaches, etc. this building is not well-maintained, and the bed bugs/mice are unavoidable. also, they trash EVERYTHI

NG. there is no recycling program. overpriced, and the day we left we got robbed.

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i lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor. i have since moved, however, my room was infested so badly with bed bugs, i used to cry at night and considered sleeping on a friend's couch because i would get bitten so badly. i gt maybe 2- 3 hours sleep a night. the bugs were especially bad from august 2008- to december 2008. it was very stressful and i'm so thankful to be out. my room was infested since october 2007 when i moved in.

Just moved in to furnished single room on 2nd flr. Numerous bedbugs in my mattress, killed 2 cockroaches, and 1 small mouse.

relentless infestations throughout 2 years tenancy here. Management : dismissive, neglectful.
Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Mice.

July 2008.
bed bugs in my own apt, and after speaking with the manager, found that there are bed bugs in other units as well.

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