872 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6A

Found 2 reports:

This is not a valid registry if anyone is allowed to post with no follow up or investigation into the allegations. 872 East Hastings St. Is a clean establishment that has not had bed bugs in the 8 years I have managed it. We keep the apartments clean and our tenants love where they live.

The bad report for 872 East Hastings was never properly investigated and no one named "Jim" has lived at this location in the 8 years I have been the manager.

That 'report' should be removed immidietly,

and the fact that you presume every report of a bed bug bite in the DTES is true makes the entire site invaild as far as I'm concerned.

Rebecca Ambrose
604 729 6436

see full report...

Was bitten at this location, shared my story and found that others have had the same experience, the resident dog has had mange as well. Dirty establishment. Was informed there were bed bug infestations in the apartments above the lounge.

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