822 Jackson Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A

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A fore-warning for future tenants of 822 Jackson Ave: Started getting bites a couple weeks after moving in. They gradually got more intense- up to 20 bites a night. Finally I found a bug, called Bedbug Control and set up appointment for extermination. The landlord was extremely helpful and paid for two doses of treatment immediately. It\'s a five bedroom house and I was the only one with bugs so I\'m guessing it was a pretty minor case. I moved out, but mostly for other reasons. It\'s a townhous

e, connected to four other units that are being fixed up gradually over the next six months. I\'m not saying don\'t move into the units (they are beautiful and the landlord\'s awesome), but just letting you know what happened. Hopefully, its all treated and done-with now.

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